My first book! – Free on KindleUnlimited right now

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This is a reblog of the post about my book. For a limited time, it will be free to KindleUnlimited readers if you would like to download it. It is short and an easy read.

I finally did it and my first book, Letters from Cairo by Kerry Duncan is now available as an EBook from Kindle/Amazon from both the UK and US sites as well as other European countries. For a brief moment it was the best selling guide to Cairo when it had only sold 10 copies – I guess no-one wants to go to Cairo… It is a short book and the title says it all, ‘This is a memoir not a travelogue’. There is another book with the same title but it is much more expensive than mine and I bet it’s not as funny! The current price is $4.49 – about the price of a Venti Latte. It is published on Kindle Select so they may reduce the price at times to market the book. It is available on a variety of Amazon sites including Amazon UK.If you don’t have a Kindle you can download it to your PC or other small device with this app –

It is a poignant, hilarious and revelatory memoir about our expatriate posting to Cairo during the second Gulf War between 2002 and 2004. Some of you may empathize if you have been to third world destinations but the essence is about my battle to deal with illness in a foreign country during a very stressful time. The book is short, despite 10 years of writing, editing and agonizing about writing a memoir. Although I had worked as a research writer in the old country this time gave me an opportunity to hone my writing skills for pleasure. Writing this blog has opened my eyes to the joy of sharing with other writers and photographers. Thank you, all my followers, for giving me the confidence to finally publish. A very special thank you to Ed Mooney, my very first follower, who encouraged me and taught me WordPress etiquette.

This is the link to the book on Amazon US –
If you read it (some may be able to borrow it) please give me a review.


38 thoughts on “My first book! – Free on KindleUnlimited right now

  1. That’s a great achievement. Well done, Kerry!
    I have just bought it and I look forward to making time to read it. I loved Cairo – my husband proposed to me when we were there on holiday 20 years ago, so I may be slightly biased.

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  2. Amazing! Congratulations!
    You must be so proud of yourself.
    I have written a screenplay, am halfway through a Novel and halfway through a second screenplay so am a little frustrated. What is more frustrating is the fact that I know I need to do some research for a third screenplay that I MUST write because the idea is just so good.
    Crazy when I know I need to do it but never get around to it!!

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  3. Wow, can’t do it now, only because I don’t know the area I’m in right now for signal security.. But hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to download your book.. It sounds interesting, exciting and a real account of what went on during that time.. I already admire your writing style.. Hope sales are doing well.. Will definitely leave you an honest review.. Counting on it to be awesome !!!

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  4. Kerry, this is crazy how you found my blog…I snooped around and saw that you have just published a kindle book…why is this crazy? I am in the process of writing a short guidebook for kindle about what I do best: leisure education. I am so following you! Big congrats on your publishing your book!

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    • Why, thank you so much! I was amazed at how simple it was to self-publish on Kindle but sometimes the layout is not perfect. Good luck with your book. I googled self-publishing on Kindle and got great advice from fellow bloggers regarding layout and photographs. My book is never going to be a best seller but I have such a sense of achievement. Please email me if you have any problems.

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  10. I enjoyed it, Kerry. I bought it last year. I’m starting to work on my book too. I’ll be honest…I’m kind of scared. I don’t want to mess up. Lol. I’ve been working on it here and there.

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    • Thank you, Lisa. I got upset at my 3 star review but she told the truth. “It was good but without much depth”. I wasn’t happy when I published it but I think I am ready to write a complete memoir of my life from birth to now. BTW, it took me 10 years to write the bloody thing. You can do it!!!

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      • Wow 10 years! I think we as writers are always critical of our work. This story has been stuck in my head since 2008. I’m starting to write it but sometimes I get stuck. Your memoir will probably take longer.


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