Fall in the sub tropics – part II


Winter is coming…


Autumnal Fluff


Seed Pods

Winter is coming… The evil Canadians sent it last night and the temperature dropped by almost 50 degrees. Those beautiful orange leaves, from the last post, are all on the ground.

Despite that, some of the hibiscus are still blooming and the bottle brush and giving us a splash of red.

Translucent Berries

Translucent Berries

My friend at Evil Squirrel’s Nest urged us to feed the outside critters with the cold front and this is a cute little Texas Fox Squirrel eating her snacks. I love the way they look slightly different from state to state. Ours aren’t very furry but their tales are really long.

I'm coming down for the snacks. Muchas Gracias, Senora!!

I’m coming down for the snacks. Muchas Gracias, Senora!!

Nom, nom, nom

Nom, nom, nom

39 thoughts on “Fall in the sub tropics – part II

  1. We have just gotten rid of the arctic front that gave us minus 11. Looking at your delightfull pictures did not warm me up….I am envious. I guess it is all relative the seasons and how we feel them. Chimp’s on my tail got to go to another blog lol

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  2. I love seeing squirrels from all over the world! Looks like she better get herself together a warm, fluffy coat if it’s getting down to (gasp!) freezing! It was 6 degrees F when I got off work this morning…. I had to break out my stupid coat….

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  3. Squirrel!!!!! How I love them and yours are different to ours up North which in turn are different to the tufty eared French ones and the silver greys in Britain. I do hope you aren’t too damn cold … a drop of 50 degrees is just a wee bit nippy I’d say. I send you warm wishes for a peaceful festive season and the best of all things yet to come in 2017 xx

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