Katniss and Toffee’s Christmas Presents

Toffee opens her Xmas present

Toffee opens her Xmas present

Toffee is our last inside cat. We brought her from Egypt in 2004 with her two companions. They both died this year. At first she struggled to adapt but now she enjoys having all the attention she missed out on, as she was always the baby cat. Her fur was always coarse but we have added a probiotic to her food and it is glossy and thick. She has a desert coat with an undercoat and hobbit feet for hot sand.

This is a video of her opening her Christmas present yesterday with silly Mummy talking in the background. She is surprisingly vocal in her thanks! Here is the YouTube link –
Chatty Toffee opening her present

Katniss is our outside cat – as feral as a raccoon and born in the wild. After our second cat died she turned up looking for food although I have seen her for about 3 years. She knew my broken heart would let her in. Recently I gave her a catnip toy and she played forever. So yesterday she got a catnip toy dog inside tissue paper and this is the YouTube link to it –

Katniss with her first Xmas present

37 thoughts on “Katniss and Toffee’s Christmas Presents

  1. That is a definite no. I think one of the feral cat associations has neutered her but she lives on a reserve and can’t even eat her food if I stand too close to her. I tried for a year to trap her but to no avail. She would not make a good pet despite her playing but I am happy to feed her. She sleeps on my neighbors covered porch on pillows…


  2. You will probably be amused to learn that when I heard the microwave beeping, I immediately jumped up and checked my microwave (“WTF?! I didn’t put anything in there, and I’m the only one in the house!”). I was thoroughly confused for longer than I care to admit.

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