Good Pharma!

Kerry with clear skin

Kerry with clear skin

I wanted to give a shout out for a pharmaceutical company – Prugen Pharmaceuticals. We all remember the horror of the Epi-pen scandal and I had a similar situation with one of my regular prescriptions. I have adult acne which I keep under control with using a Sulfur based treatment that my dermatologist prescribed. She prescribed the original, not generic, because my skin is also very sensitive and the carrier base was likely to be gentler.

I went to get my usual prescription, a few months ago, and the pharmacist told me that my co-pay (I do have insurance) would be $500. Good Lord! It is a Sulfur wash not a ground-breaking cancer drug. I refused to pay it and it went back on the shelf. When I told my dermatologist, she was appalled and checked her list of treatments with similar ingredients. She found this one “SulfaCleanse 8/4” made by Prugen Pharmaceuticals. She put my prescription through to Gen RX and I received a bottle by mail for ZERO dollars – yes $0. They send they would send them as I needed. Not insured patients pay $25 which is very reasonable.



I was a little leery given that my original prescription, Sumadan, worked very well but still smelled of Sulfur. What would this one be like? It was wonderful and smelled beautiful. For the first time in a while my skin is completely clear. I have no make-up on in the photo above and I am 56 years old. The light in the bathroom is yellow, so although I have a sallow undertone I am not quite Simpson yellow!

My dermatologist said that some of the smaller companies go under because of Big Pharma’s hold on the market. I noticed that Prugen had a wide range of products for skin issues. So, if you are struggling to keep your eczema or acne under control, you might want to have a look. I am delighted to have found them but they would be giving me free face wash whether I blogged about them or not.

My skin is beautifully soft at the moment because I am using Boots No. 7 facial oil which you can buy at Walgreens, Target or through this link at Ulta. I usually use organic coconut oil in my nether regions because I am going through the menopause but I tried this facial oil down there and it’s very comfortable. I know, I know, TMI but these are real medical issues.

32 thoughts on “Good Pharma!

  1. Good old Boots No 7 … its great to hear that its reach is as far as the USA! As for your sulfur cream, I’m absolutely delighted that your dermatologist found a decent company that aren’t trying to rip you for $500 for clear skin! You look fabulous, stunning and ageless and I reckon when your depression lifts you will be hard to restrain! Xx

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    • Isn’t it just? Sometimes I think we don’t ask enough. I have had bills reduced by thousands by asking them to. In Palm Springs, I saw a landscaper with a really bad infection negotiate to get treatment at ER for $150. Hope you are keeping warm, Pit!

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      • I’ve noticed that, too. Since I have no health insurance in America [in Germany still, though, and my German health insurance – luckily -pays for my costs here] I usually get a self-pay discount. 20 or even 30%. But in some cases I have to ask for it. So would those people who don’t immedeately give me one would make much more money if I didn’t ask for my discount?

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  2. That’s great! I wonder why the sulfur wash is prescription, though. I like having stuff paid for by insurance, but it’s also a hassle to get a doctor appt, get a prescription, make sure it’s “right” kind (covered by insurance), get it filled, etc.

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    • You can get sulfur wash from some manufacturers but the prescription stuff has a higher dosage of the ingredients. Some people are very allergic to sulfur so I guess that is why?


  3. I experience the same issue with big pharma but in Canada for a topical skin application as I have seborrheic dermatitis. Partner died no more plan. My regular cream burnt my skin as it had steroids in it. I then tried a new product which worked wonders and I did not have flaky skin looking like a lizard. When my partner passed away I had to pay 168 dollars for a small tube. It was either that or have reddish skin that liked like I went on a bender. I know what you are talking about. The cream which is non steroid cream is called Elidel for anybody who suffers the same condition. Be well Kerry. Pleased you found a solution 🙂

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  4. Thank you for sharing your story Kerry. Your skin looks great! I’ve recently started a blog about Pharma, health, and technology if you are interested in checking us out–we are working to launch a website to empower individuals to better research their health. Kind regards.

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