Puerto Vallarta


Los Muertos Pier

Our Hacienda was located in the Zona Romantica and this beautiful pier was just a short walk down the hill to the beach.  The sands are almost white despite how they look in this shot.  I liked this area because you could see locals along with tourists enjoying the beaches which are all public.  Shouldn’t all beaches be public???  As you approach Puerto Vallarta by air you can see dense jungle and hillsides and suddenly the most beautiful coastline much of which is taken up by resorts.

The view right outside the Hacienda

The view right outside the Hacienda

I love this shot – it takes me straight back to Cairo.  Cobbled streets, flags across the street.  It was a curious mixture of a wool shop here, a gay nightclub there, beautiful small hotels, street food and exquisite small restaurants.  The mixture was tantalizing.  When I chose the Hacienda, I noticed it was aimed at the gay community but welcomed straight folks.  Even more intriguing… When I researched the area, the guides said it was particularly safe, with a strong police presence.  Teddy and I went out to a lovely little restaurant called Casa Naranjo.  I think we were the only straight couple there but we were all the same age.  My appetite had disappeared and the host went out of his way to cook some mashed potatoes and also some buttered home-made pasta just for me.


Isn’t there always a little yellow dog wherever you visit?  There were many in Cairo and Istanbul.  This one resided at a restaurant and was well cared for.

Teddy and the cat

Teddy and the cat

…and then there are the cats.  This one was not a stray as you can see from her lovely red collar.  She looked just like Katniss.

Teddy and Bunny with funny hats

Teddy and Bunny with funny hats


21 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta

    • Thank you, Lynne. Katniss is getting a little braver but still a scaredy cat! We had bad storms yesterday but today she came for a large bowl of food. Toffee gets jealous so she gets a little of Katniss’s cheaper (relatively) food…😸

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      • Oh, that is so lovely to hear. I hope she continues to get a little braver, shame. At least she knows where to come when she wants food (and I really hope she found a protective safe spot, whilst it was storming). I am sure Toffee gets a bit jealous, aren’t they cute…Toffee is probably thinking, this is my mommy, not yours 🙂 I hope all is okay your side and that the storms have now gone. x

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  1. Yes, there are little yellow dogs everywhere…we saw some real cuties in Jamaica. Some run on the beach and seem to love the freedom of being a beach dog. None seemed underfed or malnourished so I am thinking the local restaurants and people feed them. The area we visited was Treasure Beach, JA

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