Here be dragons…

Green Iguana

Isn’t he handsome – a perfect choice for Khaleesi! He was a few feet long and gorging on the Tamarind fruits that you can see next to him (and falling out of his mouth). If we turned up the hill leaving Hacienda Escondida, we headed towards a more local area with the river dissecting the two areas. It was a haven for wildlife – and they were all new to us!!!

Rivera del Rio

Rivera del Rio

There is a bathing area and we saw local children having fun swimming in the river. The bridge across was the major route from the hillside down to the south side of the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta. If you stay at a resort, you will miss all of this, including a wonderful fresh market. I was told that despite the cobbled streets, the water from the taps was safe to drink. I drank it and it tasted good.

black-birdI think this is just a plain old Grackle, above, but I love his silhouette against the trees and hills.  I don’t know the name of this little yellow bird, also enjoying tamarind fruit, but he was as little as the iguana was big.

Tiny little yellow bird

Tiny little yellow bird

Simple Mural at Rivera del Rio

Simple Mural at Rivera del Rio

23 thoughts on “Here be dragons…

  1. He is GORGEOUS! What a fella casually stripping those tamarind of fruits! The tiny yellow bird is a little gem and I love the grackles even if they are common … their raucous ways amuse me highly. Wonderful pictures, as ever and I love these trips out with you xx

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  2. Oh Kerry, your pics are beyond amazing 🙂 You always amaze me with your explicit, beautiful writings and a bit of humor as a bonus. You take me to places that I may never see in real life, thank you. Have a beautiful weekend. x

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    • You are such a wuss!! There are probably jaguars further in but the worst you would see is a Coatimundi, sort of like a raccoon but friendlier! BTW, it was me who wrote the recent comment on Amazon about Aspirations of a Sheep just forgot to sign in under my name.


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