Sexy Valentine’s Day


As many of you know from a previous post Vajazzling, I have had medical treatment for a condition called vaginal atrophy. I suppose you could think of it as female sexual dysfunction – painful sex being one symptom. As you enter into menopause your skin, everywhere, ages, including down there… One of the ways to treat this is with estrogen cream applied to the area but it gives me an upset tummy. A couple of years ago I underwent privately paid laser treatment named rather ludicrously Mona Lisa Touch. It did help but was unable to treat the outer tissues which are just as fragile. I must be one of very few people that asked their boss if they could wear a skirt because pants are too uncomfortable.

It was obvious to me that I needed a second treatment and started researching. I discovered a gynecologist in my area offering a new treatment called THERMIva (if you click on the red link it takes you to a randomly chosen website offering the service). Instead of a laser this treatment uses radio frequency to heat and rejuvenate the tissues in much the same way as Ultherapy works on your face. I was assured that there was no downtime and clients had gone straight home to have sex with their husbands. It was a little uncomfortable for me but I was full of hope.

Essentially it is like having sex with a medical device and my body reacted the same way that it always does. The nest of bacteria that lives down there immediately reacted and I knew within hours that I had a urinary tract infection. I have low dose antibiotics to use immediately after sex and I took a double dose. I managed to kill it but was still in discomfort because a yeast infection had decided to join the party. Two Diflucan tablets later and it finally subsided somewhat.

Teddy and Bunny’s love life has been in decline recently for endless reasons. The funniest was when my husband asked me to look at his bottom. Since I had already given him a yeast infection that’s what I assumed it was. Brief segue to Teddy trying to explain to the pharmacist that the cream for vaginal use ONLY was for him – how I laughed! Back to his bottom – I knew immediately that it was ringworm which the doctor confirmed. Yes, I too wondered WTF? He probably got it when he was doing yard work. There are certainly enough critters visiting for that to be a possibility. Bunny wouldn’t let Teddy come anywhere near him since ringworm is contagious – great vacation in Puerto Vallarta!

Anyway, back to this Valentine’s weekend. Enough alcohol had been imbibed for Bunny to be brave enough to test out her newly refurbished hoo-ha. I felt a bit like a virgin but still had a fun time. My body reacted like it normally does so I rushed to get the antibiotics but I think I might have skipped an infection. Yay! I have an appointment with my doctor this week to check things out. When I was 19, I never thought life would be this complicated. The doctor asked me if I would consider helping to write a research paper about how THERMIva can help woman who can neither have laser or hormone treatment after cancer treatment. She quite rightly pointed out that this is a hidden problem that few woman talk about and that the THERMIva can help with bladder dysfunction also.


27 thoughts on “Sexy Valentine’s Day

  1. Kerry you are brave enough to vouch your problem loud and clear in your blog. Good you have mentioned and I never knew there were problems like this. Now atleast there will be an awareness. Am happy for you to be feeling better can understand all the infections down there. Enjoy more ………..

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  2. OMG, this is another occasion where I can say ‘Snap’ or ‘Ditto’, having been diagnosed just before Christmas.! I had no idea this could be part of getting older. I am so grateful to you for writing about it and about the possibilities for resolving it. Thank you, Kerry.

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  3. Hoo-ha, yoody-do our bluddy bodies are not at all aligned without minds n’est pas? Teddy’s ringworm (my daughter had that h\yonks ago) your hoody yoody only surgically doody doos … honestly ageing is f’ing ‘Orrible and I doff my hat to thee for being brave enough to open up th subject. ‘M so blasted upper class vadge is persona not dirent! Xx

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      • Here in the vulgar Antipodes, you’re what we call a bugger for punishment. You seem to be getting it at both ends.

        Me, I’m used to dealing with depression, anxiety, and dodgy retinas, but all (touch wood) stay above my shoulders. Whereas you? Just keep on kicking said “punishment” away.

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      • I am the healthiest looking unhealthy person you could meet. Dodgy tendons, congenital spine condition, cysts all over my body. Even my doctor friend is amazed at how often I have to go to the doctor…😁

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  4. Vaginal atrophy?? Seriously? This is depressing and I’ve been single for way too long but now I’m curious. Gonna have to get back into the dating game although your initial descriptions of the condition gave me the heebie-jeebies.

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