Random moments of happiness


Mountain Laurel

I am struggling to write and read just now. Many apologies to all my wonderful followers and those I follow for being absent. I have talked about my chronic anxiety and depression many times so no need for any further explanation. Between sad bouts, I experience moments of great happiness, for which I am thankful or life would not be worth living. These are some of my recent moments.

Mountain Laurel

Close up of mountain laurel blossom

Close up of mountain laurel blossom

My lovely neighbor with green fingers gifted me this tree a couple of years ago because it wouldn’t thrive in her garden. I was very anxious because my fingers are not green (blackish) and then this year we had flood, excessive heat and finally a terrible cold snap. Some of my tropical plants died but the lovely Laurel has new growth and exquisite lavender flowers. They have an intense fragrance which my neighbor could smell as she approached my house. I now just buy plants and ask my gardener to place them in the right spot – it is working, so far…

The Dead Grasshopper

This poor little green person probably did not survive the hard frost and fell out of our house planks. He was perfectly preserved and so green. Normally these noisy critters frighten me because of how they jump but I do like their songs. It was fun to really examine his little body and hold it. There truly is beauty in death. After I took his photograph, I left it on the rock. When I went outside later, some lucky bird had eaten a freeze dried snack. I wonder if she thought, “they are usually juicier than that?”

The Tulle Filled Nest

Romantic front door

Romantic front door

This is a photograph of my front door decorated for Valentine’s Day. My Mountain Laurel neighbor loves to decorate her presents with ribbons and tulle – almost too nice to open. I keep them to use myself and had created a bow with pink and white tulle sitting atop the beads. We had a windy day and suddenly the bow was gone. A squirrel or bird probably has a pink tulle lined crib and I just smile at the thought. Maybe they also had the freeze dried snack…

The Syrian limo driver

During my recent contract work, I was paired with a Syrian-American limo driver. He was courteous, respectful, articulate and charming. You probably expect me to say something about executive orders and how nice Middle Eastern people are but the truth is he was Cougar Eye Candy. I am purring softly as I write this. He was tall, slim and handsome with dark hair, white skin and the most exquisite grey/green/blue eyes with long black eyelashes. I flirted outrageously in Arabic and English, wondering what I would have done with him were I 30 years younger…

The Spanish Translation

In a previous post, I talked about the coffee barista from Jerusalem who is Muslim. He works at my local Argentinean/Venezuelan Café. Those two sentences somehow encapsulate the interesting diversity of Houston. This week I went in for my usual cappuccino and he was serving on his own. The lady in front of me could only speak Spanish and although coffee guy looks Hispanic, he can’t speak it. I offered to translate and I think I got three beef empanadas correct. The lady looked Latino/Indio and was utterly confused by the blonde Texan lady translating to the ‘Spanish’ guy. It’s a wonderful world.

More happy moments to come…

35 thoughts on “Random moments of happiness

  1. I am sorry that you have been having a difficult time, Kerry. I know what it’s like, and I hope you will soon come out from the darkr side and into the light. In the meantime keep finding joy in small things. I always enjoy your posts even if I don’t always comment, as I’m rather stretched for time at the moment.

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  2. You always make me laugh. The Syrian limo driver description was all that. Sending you healing for your anxiety and depression. When you said you had all these downs then extreme happiness. Have you explored with your doctor the possibility of being bipolar. Just looking out for you.

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  3. When Gary and I were living in Dallas, we had a Laurel in the back yard that we planted years ago. It grew tall and the blossoms were beautiful. The Laurel seems to be a very hearty plant for Texas. I appreciate you and know you have times of absence for your health. I am always here for you. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

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  4. Hi Kerry. The pictures are just lovely. I can totally relate to the OCD, anxiety and depression. Take good care of yourself.
    Your Syrian taxi driver sounds just lovely😜👌 cheered me up. Xxx

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  5. I’m sad that life has thrown you into the darkness so wholeheartedly recently but heartened that in the periods of happiness you are able to take joy in the little things … I hope that life’s tapestry weaves the happy threads together more and more for you as and lets more light into your dark days. And I hope the Syrian eye-candy is dancing on your eyelids when you close them to sleep because the dreams therein would surely be a tonic for your tired soul. Xx

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      • I put everything down to age and then have a relentless argument in my head because I don’t actually feel I am ageing and I don’t want to feel I am ageing so if I feel as though I am trapping myself into accepting it – entirely dysfunctional, my mind!! I’ll let you have the Syrian ….my second daughter free-falling out of an 8-year relationship straight into the arms of a half Mexican half Puerto Rican with blue-green eyes and looks like a Hispanic Brad Pitt, who reportedly looked at my picture and gasped ‘la guapa – this is your mother?!!’ … this has fed the inner cougar in a nicely harmless way 😍😍😍

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      • Oh what a lovely compliment! He will be hoping that your daughter will age as beautifully as her mother. (I don’t really think I ‘had’ the Syrian – just in my head). Silver foxes are my limit just now…😁

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