Holy Tulsa!

Stained Glass in arch of Holy Family Cathedral

I am posting yet more photographs of the lovely Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa. Guilt is weighing heavy about brow-beating the church secretary into opening the cathedral for me… A therapist would have fun trying to figure out why a lapsed Catholic spends so much time in church!

Organ in cathedral

As I mentioned in a previous post, they were servicing the organ and I would have loved to have heard it in a mass. These old architects really knew how to create fantastic acoustics. The colors in this cathedral particularly appealed to me. I adore the color lilac but my mother hated it, as did my mother in law. Perhaps it was the association with mourning?

Cross and Flowers

I wandered around the exterior of the church and this cross was in the side garden. Trespass is an unknown concept to me; it is either my native blood or growing up in Scotland where there is no true law of trespass. Mr Trump was very upset that ‘anyone’ could walk across his precious golf course…

Finally, this plaque in honor of the Year of Mercy touched my soul. Not sure about my indulgence though with the whole brow-beating thing going on…

39 thoughts on “Holy Tulsa!

    • Isn’t it? The churches built at the turn of the 20th century were beautifully created by the various immigrants. Many in this area were German and Eastern European.


    • Thank you, Osyth. No doubt your family was Catholic before the Reformation so maybe a family ancestor is dredging up the guilt! That said, Jewish mothers have plenty of guilt and there is plenty to go around. 😡

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      • My Grandfather always said that his side of the family hopped back and forth twixt Catholicism and C of E for centuries, so I’ll blame that branch! X

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      • We thought we were Jewish because there were some very dark Irish with some very dark secrets. I have always been a bit disappointed about not being Jewish at all (and my DNA test proves it).✑

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      • I SO wanted to be Jewish in my teens that I approached the local Rabbi and asked to convert! I’m too much of a coward to do the DNA …. I don’t want any of the exotic bits I have been led to believe I have to be falsified! πŸ’

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      • LOL! I worked at a Jewish Care Home when I was young (with dark hair) and everyone thought I was Jewish. I wonder what they would think of my real DNA – North African and Middle Eastern??

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      • Oh you should visit here! There is a huge North African population and they are SUCH adorable people. I count several as friends in the sense that I know they would help me with no prompting. Rare in this world. And a little ironic considering the demonisation of their culture by the so called educated in both the US and the UK …

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      • Oh yes! Particularly the fox who lets me sit in his tiny salle de thΓ© and drink thΓ© Γ  la menthe which tastes all the better for his gentle hand and soft conversation and insistence that I really do want a Corne de Gazelle or a Baclava (he says BΓ’cla Wa) to accompany it and whatever I am reading. Heaven (but don’t tell πŸ˜‰)

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      • Oh, you naughty girl! I met some charming North Africans on a trip to Paris. Last week I was trying to corral three of my limo drivers for VIPs. They all wear black suits, so I went up to one handsome Arab and said, “Are you with me?” “I wish” he said. This one was a fox cub so there was some gentle cougar purring in response. 😸


  1. What a beautiful cathedral. I am not the big church goer, but i can never resist entering a church or synagogue or temple or mosque (if they let me!)


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