24 hours in Tulsa

Hip Tulsa

Even I was surprised by how photogenic Tulsa was. I always take short trips, walk for hours taking photographs and then am exhausted. Tulsa had a very relaxed feel; a small city with so many types of architecture. The Blue Dome building below is on route 66 and was a Gulf gas station built in 1912. Back in the day, the gas station attendant lived in the apartment above. What a cool job that would have been. It has transmogrified into a bar in the past and recently has been bought by the restaurant next door.

The Blue Dome building

It is a very pretty city and the inhabitants seem to take joy in art, whether through architecture or paint or sculpture. I liked this Rotarian statue celebrating their efforts to provide clean safe drinking water around the world. I wonder if they are currently helping in Flint, Michigan?

Safe water sculpture

The Globe

The Bird Family

My final shot in this post illustrates the old with the new. A beautiful Art Deco roof peeping out from the newer skyscrapers.

Art Deco Roof


7 thoughts on “24 hours in Tulsa

    • We had a dentist in Scotland called Dr. Ian Strain. Our plumber was Jimmy Drain and we have a new one here also called Drain. We know a geologist who’s surname is Bedrock. Anyway…your name is Evil Squirrel. Casting stones…😁

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  1. You have certainly showcased Tulsa very well Kerry. Us insular Brits often imagine that the US is a ‘new’ country with no great history. But it seems to preserve and value its heritage, and is proud of it. Love the Blue Dome. Were there cars around in 1912?

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    • Yes, cars were around in 1912. Tulsa was an oil city so they would have had more than most plus it was on Route 66. Thank you! It delights me to find these amazing historical finds. Savannah and Charleston are well worth a visit.

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