Post Cards from Kerry by Chatty Kerry

My lovely Antipodean friend, Calm Kate, interviewed me for her new website, “Meet the Bloggers”. It really made me think hard about myself and what I reveal. Now you know almost everything about me… Please go and check out Kate’s site and her other WP blog, Aroused.

Meet the Bloggers

Met Chatty Kerry early on and really delighted by her fresh openness on her personal matters.  She shares her health issues, voluntary work at the airport, family, travels, thoughts and insecurities .. she is totally herself in a very personable way.  She shares great photos of gardens, buildings and scenes both locally and during her exploits into other areas so it’s not surprising that she has published in magazines … must ask her how much they pay?  So if you want personal, travel and variety it doesn’t get much better than Kerry!

[Apologies to everyone for my lack of tech skills, Kerry decorated her interview with a delightful collection of photos to illustrate her points but I have no idea how to down load them from PDF or word document … maybe I will work it out and add them later!]

Where were you raised?


I was…

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18 thoughts on “Post Cards from Kerry by Chatty Kerry

  1. That was such an enjoyable read, Kerry. In spite of the struggles you’ve had, your resilience and humour shine through. Anybody who has struggled with physical and/or mental health problems and traumatic circumstances will identify hugely (as I do). I must continue with my memoir as well. I’ve been having similar reappraisals and am building up my family tree on Although I have always known a lot about my forebears, surprises continue to turn up. I’ve discovered a distant cousin on my mother’s side who also lives on the Isle of Wight and found out that Captain Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame is in the family somewhere! Have a delightful weekend! x

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  2. I enjoyed the interview, Kerry! You’ve had such an interesting life. I’m a little bit jealous of all of the places you’ve been. I hope to travel more overseas sometime. I’m waiting for your memoir!😊 Yes, please shut down Trump’s Twitter account!

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