Mexico – take two…

A pod of pelicans

Just after Thanksgiving last year, Teddy and I went on a lovely trip to Puerto Vallarta…except it wasn’t. What I didn’t reveal is what really transpired. We have been seriously considering a retirement move to Mexico because of the cost of health care in the US. Our first trip was to Baja – wonderful but some current cartel problems in the state. Puerto Vallarta always seemed like a low possibility because it is a tourism town but it also has very good medical facilities and is safe. Nonetheless we were looking forward to a vacation. The first problem was at customs where the officers wanted to look inside the Pelican case containing photography equipment. Silly Teddy had locked it but didn’t tell Bunny the combination… One was a little brusque but generally they were just doing their job. When we left Customs the timeshare people attacked… sigh.

Art at the beach

Our driver from the hotel was waiting for us (wondering why there was a delay) and things got much better. We arrived at the Hacienda which was utterly beautiful in the heart of the old town. It was surprisingly ‘real’, busy with buses taking workers in and out of the city. The cobbled streets amplified the noise of the traffic, open market and other businesses. It was a short walk to a beautiful beach and we had a lovely lunch with perhaps too many margaritas. There was a water feature running into the pool next to our room (the noise was making me anxious) and something just clicked in my brain. A panic attack was starting and Teddy had gone off for a couple of hours. By the time he came back it was fully fledged panic attack and I HAD TO GO HOME! This happened once before in Scotland and I seem to have no control over it.


After much reflection, I think there was just too much riding on this trip and I would really prefer to stay at our home in Texas if we can afford it (and we likely can). In February I had the opportunity to visit Puerto Vallarta on a solo trip and this time it was so much better – Mexico, take two. I could even envision a partial retirement there, if needs must. I stayed at the same Hacienda where I made some new friends and got to know my host a little better. They have many repeat guests who enjoy the familiarity of a real home from home. Within moments of entering my guest room, I tripped and twisted my ankle. WTF? Are the Gods out to get me??? Fortunately, I had been practicing my Farmacia Spanish and I strapped it up. More posts to come with some wonderful photographs.

29 thoughts on “Mexico – take two…

  1. Wow. Yes medical cost are atrocious especially in the states if you don’t have medical coverage. In Canada you pay a premium for medicare depending on your income. I you are on disability or old age pensions then it is free. The only thing that does not cover is medication and dental. With medication there is a couple of options one can take and get their meds for free. Ouch! twisting that ankle. Hope all is well with you.

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  2. Blimmin’ ‘eck! You have to go back just to prove you can visit without incident! But isn’t it lovely when you go back to a place and find that it feels a little like home 🏡 😊

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      • I’m absolutely sure you were frustrated by it. It is so blasted hard when you are crippled by something entirely out of your control and out of the blue. Good that you were able to revisit and I’m hoping that your maladie won’t rear it’s head again …. it needs to know when enough is good enough!!

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  3. B ‘n me don’t especially like PV (having been in the vicinity twice — but one has to shop at the big quasi Wal-mart on the north side of town). we last stayed in Sayulita — a bit north (and into the next ‘state’). I suspect you may have read my two blog posts (from 1.25 years back — Feb 2016) about that trip? like yourself, I/we “had a bit of trouble.” which could have been avoided if only we were a bit more uptight! (e.g., hide the ca$h elsewhere, along w/passports, etc.)

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  4. Kerry, great story, thanks

    Perhaps think about or look at Lower Baja again. I’ve been there many times and would suggest a non-touristy town to look at that has good medical facilities and great prices,,,,but a little further from a major airport. It’s La Paz, which is away from the Cabo San Lucas craziness but still has everything you might need. No known cartel or drug problems as nothing runs through there like on the mainland. Would highly recommend you look into La Paz? or not, just a suggestion-

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