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One of the best aspects of the Hacienda Escondida, where I stayed in at Puerto Vallarta, was that it was a short distance from the river leading down to the beach.  My zodiac sign is Cancer and despite my fear of deep water/small boats, I just need to be around water.  Ponds, rivers, lakes or the sea – they all make me happy.  The first morning, I got up early and wandered up to the bridge crossing the river.  It was too early for tourists so I met many of the local people coming from the hillside down into the town to open shops and start work.  On the first trip, I felt there was a distance between the locals and tourists but perhaps it was all in my panic stricken head.  I greeted everyone I met with Buenos Dias and received such smiles and responses.  In Texas I live in a town that attracts tourists and sometimes we get irritated with their presence but they bring in tax dollars…

Puerto Vallarta is flooded with natural beauty and it seems to encourage marvelous creativity.  The outhouses above were located on the river bank.  I liked this Maya/Aztec mural on a riverside building?

Maya Mural and dog

It was blissfully quiet early in the morning and enjoyed having most of the river to myself, with a few friends.

Egret on rock, heron in water

I guess they were lucky that the cat was looking for smaller prey.

Fishing cat

Eventually I reached another road bridge where I admired this lovely cafe which was serving breakfast.

River cafe

I finally reached a culvert at the end of the river and there was a mermaid!

28 thoughts on “Riverside Walk

  1. Love the Maya mural. Also forgot to add, when I mentioned the Maya earlier, the reason I became so obsessed with them and their priests was because I heard a story of a Mayan priestess having participated in a heart sacrifice, where she ripped the other priest’s heart out. To the best of my knowledge it was only priests. Couldn’t find anything for years, and that’s how the obsession was born.

    I’m the same, much prefer engaging with the locals. As an aside, my closest friends are Cancers, and water is everything to them. Had to chuckle when I read your comment about wanting to be close to water.

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      • My money was on some kind of solar eclipse heralding the end of the world. Obviously, the priests must have known something, having astronomy, astrology (for lack of a better word. I do believe that the planets influence us, same as the tides, and various shifts in weather do. But I also believe that many people cause a lot of damage with fake readings, my mom and grandfather used to read fortunes, I used to as well. Unfortunately, I’ve also met the evil side), physics and subjects we wouldn’t even know what to name at their disposition. And I also believe that with the burden of guidance and leadership on their shoulders climate change, which they couldn’t control, would have made them very desperate.

        Like I said, my money was on a solar eclipse. But I was so obsessed with this angle, up until you mentioned it, I never took climate change into consideration. Just started typing as the new thoughts started formulating with the above. Do you mind if I pm you an additional question? You can answer whenever you have time. It would really mean a lot.

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      • I saw a fascinating documentary that almost definitively proved that the Maya civilization died out because of large population numbers and a terrible drought. People would have moved from the area, perhaps proving your theory about interaction between Nations and many died.
        Did you know that our current problem in Syria was catalyzed by a catastrophic drought causing farmers to move into cities then leading to an Arab spring which backfired badly in a despotic regime?
        Eventually we will have weather/water wars and then the cockroaches will take over. 😁
        Isn’t Mother Nature amazing – we are but a speck in the eons that our planet has existed and still haven’t reached the success of the dinosaurs.

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      • I was just reading this on my way to meet a friend, and when you mentioned the drought, I went, “oh my God” so loudly I nearly scared half the street. I think that’s absolutely it! That they tried to avert the drought, and that’s also perhaps why the priestess had to make that sacrifice.

        Mixing among the Nations just somehow seems logical to me. I have no scientific proof, and I’m guessing the numbers would be quite small, but something tells me it happened. Almost a past life recall type memory / thing if you will. If you’re uncomfortable with that type of thing, or don’t (quite) believe in it, feel free to ignore. 😃

        I knew about Syria. Was also thinking about the famine in large parts of Ethiopia in the eighties. Mother Earth communicates alright, just not enough people listen. Like being at a concert and not really paying attention. You know it’s going on, just can’t really be bothered to listen.

        But if she sacrificed him to avert the drought, maybe it wasn’t an act of cruelty and betrayal. I’m guessing an eclipse either heralded it or was a definitive sign that after all they’d done, they still couldn’t avert it.

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  2. Nothing compares to early morning any time but particularly on holiday when you get a jump on the tourists and can really feel the place as it stretches itself awake. This place you take us to is so beautiful from the man-made delights to the natural and wonderful birds and kitty-fisher getting breakfast fresh-as! I wish I was a mermaid … Mayan priest, not so much 😀

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  3. Like yourself water is always important to me when planning a trip. A pool is not usually sufficient. I like to see different sights but if I want to relax, then I am thinking tropical and ocean!

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