Perros in PV

A Chihuahua in Mexico

I love all animals but I am really a cat person.  Dogs love me, though!  I loved the idea of seeing a real Mexican chihuahua and he was very nicely behaved.


I can’t resist puppies and this one was playing with his plastic spoon.  I wonder what he was imagining about the spoon? There may have been ice-cream on it…  I doubt he was a special breed but he loved being cuddled.


Look at that sad face…  This is Sally, one of the Hacienda dogs, who was really full of fun.  The Hacienda owner had been manipulated into taking her in as a puppy because the original owner threatened to drown her in the river because she was an unwanted litter pup.  Sally really landed on her feet, having the run of a glorious home.  I snuck her some breakfast and she followed me everywhere. She even wanted to share my bedroom.  It was the only offer I got…LOL!

14 thoughts on “Perros in PV

  1. Sally is soooo good at that sad face! The puppy is just squidgeable but the Chi takes the prize for me because The Bean is looking over my shoulder and she herself is half Chihuahua and proud of it. However, she will never EVER let me have another dog whilst she draws breath so I can only dream … yours looks so much more authentic than the overbred babies I see here. I like a dog to be a dog, you see. Now get thee gone and hone those cougar skills … we sirens need our offers even if we always turn them down 😉

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  2. What cutie pies. I am a huge animal lover too. So pleased Sally got a great home. Isn’t it disgusting how some people think…to drown an unwanted litter….shocking !!!
    Kerry, I so would have taken Sally up on that offer 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. sumwhut uvva coincidence, or … anyhow: last time I was “down south” we flew to/from PV (but avoided it,) staying further north — Sayulita — where I was impressed semi-amazed at how the DOGS seemed to “run the place.” no, or few, leashes, restraints — just mostly well-behaved dogs seemingly everywhere (to the point cats were relegated to nocturnal sneaking around, invisible by day)

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