Colorful Merida

San Juan de Dios

Despite my shortened trip to Mérida, I was quite enchanted by the city. They enjoy using color as you can see in the old building above. I tried to research it and I think it may have been a hospital.
The more recently renovated buildings included this lovely candy colored street (below) leading up to Mérida Cathedral.

I particularly like the dappled sunshine on this pink bar and restaurant (below). You can see some of the cyclists meandering around the hot streets.

This busy little colored row of streets was part of the Barrio of Santa Lucia. I love the ‘Muerte’ lady.


23 thoughts on “Colorful Merida

  1. Isn’t colour such an instant tonic? I just adore the red building with the stunning stone portico or whatever it is. And the colored houses each with such character. In the early 80s I worked in Notting Hill and lived in Ladbroke Grove. The joy of walking up Portobello Road passing all the pastel coloured terraced houses lifted my heart whatever the weather. I’m glad your heart was lifted on that slightly (!) ill fated trip by the glorious colour in Merida!!

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  2. I went to Merida last August and fall in love for the city, the people, the food and the colour are stunning and has such a rich and interesting history. Really enjoyed reading your post, sounds that you also had lots of fun 🙂 Ana xx

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