Sinister graveyard – los muertos

Three crucifixes

My good friend Victo Dolore recently posted one of her wonderful short pieces of fiction Post Pains. She asked if any of her readers felt something from a building. Since I am a certifiable ball of emotions and feelings, it happens to me all the time and despite the candy colored buildings of my last post Colorful Merida, the graveyard (pictured above) made the hair on the back of my neck rise. There is something about the bells and the three crucifixes that seems so sinister. It was naturally shaded so that heightened the effect. Maybe it was because Merida Cathedral was once a Maya temple?

The interior of the Cathedral was somberly beautiful but there was no color which is unusual in churches here or in Mexico.  Even the nuns were wearing off white habits.  Is it the gray of the limestone that bothers me?

Limestone church and a local with her slippers on? Que?

Perhaps it is those little slits for windows (perfect in a heatwave) that upsets me?

Finally, why do I take most of my photographs from a weird angle?  I have to straighten most of them but it truly reflects what this photographer sees.  My thinking is skewed because of a mental illness, as is my take on life.  It is not always negative, however, and like most people I like to be scared (a little).  Boo!


18 thoughts on “Sinister graveyard – los muertos

  1. I often get a very profound and un-nerved response to religious architecture and statues. The response you describe is exactly it. I can’t imagine why this place in particular did it but you were certainly tuned into something uncomfortable. In honesty I am not surprised but that is a personal thing. As for skewed angles … me too kindred sister … I had never thought about why before but hmmmm – you might be on to something 🤔😳 xx

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    • Our childhood perhaps triggers the strong response to religious icons both positive and negative? I feel sublime when I smell church incense but those crucifixes bothered me. Your skewed angles have made you into the most empathic and supportive friend to your many followers! 😍

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      • I’m certain that is right. As for my skewed angles – I’m just very happy to admit that I am NOT perfect and to be rather a do as you would be done by as a result. Your words are so sweet and kind that I got a little breathless and teary in truth and I thank you. Bottom of the heart scrapings thank you!! ❤️

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  2. For me all architecture that´s a couple of hundred years old inflict some strong emotions on me, they can be sinister or simply awed. Of course, the circumstances like the weather and how you feel play a big part too. As to taking shots with a weird angle I´m all for it! Keeps the viewer on his or her toes and always makes for a better story 😉
    I especially like the second photo in your post and would love to see what transforming it into B/W would do to it!

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    • Thank you. We have to be careful not to destroy even distasteful history but balance it with examples such as the graphic history of the slave museum in Charleston. A poignant way to remember our past and not repeat it.


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