Random thoughts while waiting for Hurricane Harvey

Katniss, the feral cat

This isn’t my first hurricane rodeo but this one worries me. We are way beyond the tidal surge but millions of people are not. Our ground has been saturated with rain this year after a decade of drought and there is no room for the expected catastrophic rain event to go. Our house is on a gentle slope upwards from a containment pond but this year our street flooded up to the garages.

I filled up my hurricane box months ago with water and other essentials but when I went to the supermarket yesterday the water had disappeared. It is ironic that in the midst of so much water you might not have any. If the flood is too much the water treatment facilities break down. That’s why I have so much bleach… We have a new roof (the old one was leaking) so now it will be thoroughly tested. My garage door is leaking so I will get it resealed after it is all over.

There is a lovely generator sitting in my garage with no gas in it but my car is full of gas. Teddy is in Utah and likely stuck because the airport will close at some point. I can’t start the generator but there are plenty of strong men in this street. My email today to the neighbors stated that I have a generator with no gas which I will share but not my ONE chocolate bar! Hurricane Ike brought our neighbors together with a fun community vibe and we are still close.

Katniss (pictured above) is our feral kitty visitor. She disappears for weeks and then reappears like the drifter grifter she is. For the past few days I have been over feeding her like a goose for Christmas dinner. (We used to eat goose in Britain until America’s turkeys invaded). Right now we have the calm before the storm which has a sinister, quiet feel. The temperature has started to drop but it will come down dramatically during the Hurricane.

Harvey is such a happy name, isn’t it? I was communicating with my friend GP Cox, Pacific Paratrooper, who wrote a great post about Jimmy Stewart’s extreme PTSD after serving as a WWII bomber pilot. I saw Jimmy Stewart in London in 1974 when he was starring in the stage play of Harvey.

Well y’alls, we Texans will be grateful for your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. Our power might go out and I will have to write with a pen and paper. Whaaaaat! Just between you and me, I would go buy some gasoline as both the gulf and land oil fields will be affected by this. Perhaps this will bring us all together in a crisis instead of fighting over statues. Now I am going to summon my native ancestors with a ‘no more rain’ dance. 😁

52 thoughts on “Random thoughts while waiting for Hurricane Harvey

  1. Kerry Hope Teddy gets home , there is time yet .It seems IRS the long haul flights that have been cancelled .
    Hunker down my friend and fingers crossed we can ride this one out .
    Unfortunately it’s someone else’s turn to take the direct hit .

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  2. My husband (in Boston again for the foreseeable) emailed me and told me about Harvey. He knew I would get a kick out of the name for Jimmy Steward and local weatherman (who is always keeping an eye on the storms for Bostonians) reasons but also because he knows I have friends who will be effected. You are wholly and squarely in my thoughts particularly as you are on your own. All of you and I really and fervently hope that Harvey, like Jimmy’s rabbit turns out to be more of the imagination than reality. Take care, dear Kerry. Do please take great care xx

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  3. Stay safe Kerry, will be thinking about you and everyone in the general area. I’ve lived in a Gulf state for a long time and all these storms keep us on edge with worry for those we know and those we don’t, hoping everyone will be ok.

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  4. The thought of a hurricane scares me, here in South Africa we have been fortunate not to have to deal with them. Kerry, I am now so worried about Katniss, and of course all the other ferals out there and all the animals. Be safe and know that you and everyone else is in my thoughts and prayers.

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    • Thank you for thinking of us! It is now a tropical storm but we are having tornado warnings every 20 minutes and flooding has started, I live in a small city north of Houston so less at risk in some places for flooding but there are rivers and lakes everywhere. This is life in the subtropics…🌴


    • Catastrophe! Our house and street is wet but draining but Houston is a disaster zone. We can’t leave our street or city because all routes are closed including the airports. The storm is due to go out to sea and come back in, so maybe a few Hail Marys! 😇


  5. Stay safe Kerry! I told my sister the same thing because she’s over there. I almost went because I was going to change planes in Houston but I ended up not going. I was flying into George Bush.


    • Thanks Lisa. You would have been stuck in IAH so glad you changed plans. I was supposed to work today but no one should leave their homes. Teddy is still stuck in Utah, flying tomorrow to Denver then Austin and perhaps renting a car. Right now all roads are blocked from Austin to here. ☂️


      • Wow! I hear it’s pretty bad in Austin too but not as bad as Houston. I’m praying for you and everyone who’s affected. I also have a friend in Katy. She and her family are ok too.


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