RIP, Terry

I know that many of my followers also know Terry at Spearfruit.  I sensed yesterday afternoon that he had passed and looked at his blog.  Jodi had posted that Terry passed peacefully in the RV with Gary by his side on September 1st 2017.  May he rest in peace.  My heart goes out to Gary and all Terry’s family.  We have lost a brave, funny and wonderful friend. This is the link to Jodi’s comment and Jodi’s blog. Just scroll down the comments.

36 thoughts on “RIP, Terry

      • I’m not at all surprised. You have had far too much to contend with. But take it from me – it doesn’t show. In fact you show just the same qualities as our friend (who I simply can’t believe has gone) – dignity, kindness and decency. I’m proud to know you. Really proud. And when I get to the States I am coming to see you come hell or (not high water let’s hope) because I am not letting any more opportunities to meet the people I really care for slip by as I sadly did Terry x

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      • Dear Osyth, you have nothing to regret. You were able to comfort him when few people could. I had a real opportunity to visit and didn’t. Never been to Boston, so now I will look forward to a visit sometime. ❤️…and thank you. K x

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      • Thank you. I’m not one for regret but I feel a little tristesse on this one. Boston is wonderful and would surely welcome a pair of cougars on the loose 🙂 … here’s to Terry – may he dance for eternity and shine down on all he loved and may his example never be forgotten by any of those that loved him ❤️

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  1. Kerry, thank you for this. I had guessed that Terry had passed, I had been checking his blog everyday since his last post, but never thought to scroll down and read the messages.
    I am lost for words, and feel so empty. It has been really tough couple of weeks, just knowing the day would come.

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  2. I connected with Terry a few times.. Even for people like me who barely knew him, we are given a wake up call to missed opportunities to reflect on our priorities.. To not get caught up into focusing on lesser things that only seem huge.. I’m happy for those who got to know him, though this is a hard loss for you.. I see that as the true legacy of one’s life.. He made a difference..

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