The Owl and The Pussycat…

Well, it’s not really a pussycat but Pepe Le Pew  thought that he was a black and white cat.  So the correct title of this post is The Owl and the Skunks.  I don’t know how many of you have been lucky enough to see a Great Horned Owl but they are massive.  They stand as tall as a toddler and have a wingspan of up to 5 feet.

For months we have been hearing a very distinctive ‘Whoo Whoo’ and I was so excited when I realized it was a Great Horned Owl.  The sound is very deep and you can tell that the creature has large lungs.  I started researching this wonderful bird and discovered that one of his favorite snacks is SKUNKS!!!  He has really large eyes and ears but very little sense of smell.  I adore my little skunks that live in the reserve and play under my deck, so I was sad to find out that they had a predator that was immune to their scent.  Then I thought about baby Great Horned Owls – I guess it’s just the circle of life…sobbing.

On the plus side we have a brand new deck for skunks, armadillos, possums, raccoons, wood rats, snakes and feral cats to hide under.  One night Teddy and I went to bed, really early as always, only to sleep fitfully through a night of deafening WHOO WHOO!  Mr. Horned Eagle was sitting on our fence or the trees in the reserve which is just a few feet from the bedroom.  Underneath that noise was the frantic sound of little skunks chattering nervously underneath the deck.

Aren’t they adorable little twins??

It reminded me of the Pixar short movie about the toys, Tin Toy, that were all hiding under the bed, terrified of the giant baby.  If I hadn’t been so sleepy I would have gone out to tell him to keep the bloody noise down.  Well… this is a happy ever after story.   The skunks survived and the Great Horned Owl has decided to move on to a deck free habitat.  Teddy snapped a shot of one in Florida and couldn’t believe how big it was as it flew over him.  This is a link to the Great Horned Owl Wikipedia page.  One description of its call is “You still up, me too”.  This article noted that some people regarded it as solemn and terrifying.  Really?  It’s just a giant owl!

On a final note, only stupid people have skunks as pets, with their scent organ removed (the only exception would be a rescue).  Skunks belong in the wild where they are the gardener’s friend.  They busily till the soil while eating bugs and larvae.



33 thoughts on “The Owl and The Pussycat…

  1. We do have an owl around here, too, but not too close. It’s hooting doesn’t keep us from sleep. And we have no deck for skunks to hide under. So we only smell it sometimes that a skunk has passed by the house.

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  2. There was an owl (can’t remember which kind) in Helsinki that would pretty much hang out at some tourist spots, and once even stopped a soccer game (Finland-Belgium if memory serves). Never saw the guy myself, but some friends did. Always felt like I was missing out. Don’t know what happened to him in the end. Guess he just up and disappeared.

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  3. That owl! Magnifique but I do not want him feasting on the skunks and am very glad that they snugged up safe under the deck and waited it out til he went on his majestic way. Those twinnie skunks are absolutely adorable – I love your little critter zoo and I loved this tale with a happy ending xx

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    • Oh dear…I guess we have to always think about the baby wasps. Our bug man told me at great length why termites were important to the environment….”Please just kill the ones that are eating my house!” 🦋

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  4. Once in 26 plus years, I had the briefest encounter with a great horned owl.. While driving my semi.. It flew almost into my windshield but veered off at the last second.. I braced for impact somewhere on the truck but it didn’t happen 😊
    The eeriest moment is when our eyes locked for a fraction of a second.. To this day I still feel that mesmerized moment.. It was like it looked into my soul.. That’s a feeling that chills the spine for me..
    Great pic and post 💛

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    • Thank you so much, Pan. What a wonderful moment. Their eyes are astonishing. Many years ago Teddy and I had a similar incident on a country road in Scotland at night – it was a very large barn owl. It looked like a great white ghost. 💞

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  5. The owl is wonderful and majestic but I wouldn’t want to witness it feasting on those unbelievably cute skunk babies. So glad they escaped!!! 😄🐼 (I know this is not a skunk but a panda, but it’s black and white too 😉)

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  6. I admire how you live so comfortably with all these types of critters Kerry. Like Dianne Gray our Aussie friend/blogger/author who is totally at ease with all the creepy, stingy, scary insects that live in that part of the world. Me I’m spooked by any old spider or dragonfly 😦 Comes from being brought up in urban Birmingham I guess.

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