Random photo of Teddy standing dressed as Ace Halloween 2009

Another random photo of me dressed as a naughty school girl. It backfired because everyone thought I was someone’s daughter!

The strange thing about blogging is that you feel a responsibility to followers and friends.  I have been absent without leave for a few weeks and can’t help but feel guilty about it.  Like most of us, life has intervened into my usual routine and I have been a little frazzled.  Lots of new contract work has kept me busy but my mind has been blank despite all the opportunities for people watching.  I wondered if my health was deteriorating but my psychiatrist seems happy with me – I had some wonky blood results (that’s a clinical term…) which raised anxiety levels.  My cholesterol levels shot up but my inflammatory markers that indicate plaque, risk of stroke or heart attack were good.  My extended Irish family has a huge file on our family risk of heart problems in the main hospital in Dublin, so I have always been proactive about eating well and exercising.  But I can’t think of anything nicer than a baked potato smothered in butter…

Then I had a skin biopsy.  My dermatologist just went straight to the point – “I am taking a biopsy to check for basal skin cancer”.  Yes, it also appears in the Irish family – dang those genetics.  Why couldn’t they just leave me money in their will??  I didn’t truly enjoy my short vacation in San Diego which is why I haven’t blogged, although looking back there were some lovely moments including finding ancestors graves.  The news has just been so awful that I have started watching Fixer Upper instead of CNN.  We finally got around to ordering a new door after Hurricane Harvey only to have the wrong one delivered…  Teddy wondered if I made a fuss but there was no point; many of our residents have lost everything.

One of my friends housed their neighbors whose house was flooded.  The children just moved back last week and my friend was sad – what a beautiful person she is.  All of my contract work dried up immediately after the hurricane because no-one was able to or wanted to hold conferences in Houston.  One of my employees had a wee party for their staff in the garden of the office.  It was so much fun and I won the raffle for 4 tickets to Kemah which is our equivalent of Coney Island.  Well, I have no kids and don’t know anyone who has apart from my angel friend.  Apparently her neighbor was overwhelmed that a complete stranger would give them a gift.  No one could have felt happier than me, paying it forward feels good.

Two of the events that I have worked for recently have incorporated the conference contributing or volunteering to the Houston Food Bank.  Thank you!  One day when I was working at the airport, I helped a volunteer by translating for a passenger who only spoke Spanish (then three more turned up).  After that, I was still standing there when two men came up and said very loudly and incomprehensibly, “Haw Missus, how do ye get out of this airport?”  The volunteer looked perplexed.  Was it Serbo-Croat or Icelandic?  I recognized the accent from Glasgow in Scotland where I grew up.  Laughingly, I said, “Come over here boys!” Their faces lit up when they heard my (much posher, think Maggie Smith) Glasgow accent.  One of them had his arms wide open and said, “Gie us a cuddle” which I did and the other one hugged from the other side, kissing my ear.  I sent them on their way and laughed at the look of horror on the elegant volunteer’s face.  They were either oilmen or mariners who had travelled from some far flung place, Kazakhstan perhaps?  A few refreshments had been imbibed but there was nothing sexual about the cuddle.  It was one of kinship and comfort in a strange place.  Gosh, I felt homesick for the first time in years that day.  Despite all the turmoil recently, Texas mostly feels like home.

Get ready for some fun blogs and sorry for my absence.


26 thoughts on “A.W.O.L.

  1. Hi Kerry,
    I know the feeling. I sometimes feel guilty, too, when I don’t blog for a while. But don’t apologize. We should defnitely not feel guilty. Blogging should be fun and only done when you feel like it. Sometimes one needs to have some time off. But then: I’m happy you’re back here.
    I hope the results of your biopsy were good. I certainly know the feeling, too, when you wait for those results. I had a biopsy recently to determine if a dark brown spot under one of my toenails was a simply harmless bruise or a melanoma. My dermatologist had now been able to decide by just looking at it, not even under ultraviolet light. You can imagine ho relieved I felt when they told me it was blood.
    Anyway: wish you a good health, and take care,

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  2. Great post, Kerry. And don’t feel guilty about not blogging; most blog readers are also blog writers, and we know that sometimes life gets so busy the only sensible thing to do is to let the blog lie fallow for a while.

    Most of my ancestors are from Scotland and Ireland too. We need to be wary of what the sun can do to skins that never used to see much of it. I’ve had one little spotty thing treated recently, but just by the application of a topical cream that burnt it off successfully. I’ve never been much of a sunbather, so that did seem unfair.

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    • Thank you so much. The dermatologist phoned yesterday – just a benign mole that was reddish colored. So far my skin has been fine so maybe my Mexican Spanish relatives are helping me out (they didn’t leave me any money either). 😁
      Most of my ethnically British friends are having spots burned off now and glad to hear that yours was one of the simpler types. K x

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  3. I understand your sentiment so well. I haven’t posted in seemingly weeks and it gnaws at me, sits on my shoulder like a judgy cat rather than the pesky black dog who is sometimes responsible. But we shouldn’t. Know I speak for all your followers when I say it is absolutely like waking up to a wonderful treasure when i see that you HAVE posted but that doesn’t mean that you have to post. It’s just lovely when you do. The health issues are a nagging concern and also the very thing you must always attend to first – your health will always be the most important thing. Paying it forward … I always feel that the reward is in that moment or longer of warm glow that one feels when doing a random act of kindness. it is a beautiful thing and I know you are a beautiful soul. Love the Glasgy boys – I rather think you made their day 😉 xx

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  4. That was a nice, feelgood blog Kerry. Personally I wouldn’t feel guilty for non-blogging. I’m going through an uninspired time too. However I started blogging back at the dawn of blogs. It was always for myself and I didn’t care if anybody else read it. I guess I still feel much the same though you do lose the ‘community’ feel a little bit. I try to hang on to that by continuing to read the blogs of others, and engaging on occasion. Look forward to reading yours going forward.

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    • Thank you, Roy. When my writing stops, so does my reading. Back on track now though, and have prepared for two further posts. I think I feel guilty because I have made so many friends on WP but recently I have isolated myself from ‘real’ friends too. Probably need my meds adjusted…🤕🙃


  5. As you could see, we all go awol from time to time 😉 And we should not feel guilty about it although of course I do too. Loved the story about your Scotsmen giving you a cuddle – it really is nice to hear the sound of home sometimes. 😄

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