Snow in the subtropics!

My street

I was just about to take some photographs of our late autumn foliage when this happened.  The last time we had snow was in 2009 so it is a big event.  Everyone gets a bit silly when we get snow and the mechanics at the auto shop had been throwing snowballs.  My next door neighbor’s daughter, who has grown up with us, is now very tall and at university.  She created this miniature snowman.


Last week I told my girlfriends that it was going to snow this week.  I doubt they believed me.  My sixth sense has been hyper recently and I had a premonition of my death.  Nothing awful – just that it would be my lungs.  I had the last rites when I was a baby (lungs full of fluid), so I am good to go! 😇  Yesterday I drove downtown in the most awful weather, icy rain, crazy drivers and a warning light on my car.  I was working outside and remarked to my colleague that snow was coming.  He didn’t believe me either.  As I drove back home in the same conditions, I noticed that odd look that the sky has when snow is in the clouds.  Just a faint hint of pink with a heaviness to the clouds.  All those years living in the north of Scotland has honed my Farmer’s Almanac skills.

My Japanese Yew and Mountain Laurel

Some of my plants are suited for a wide range of weather including these two buddies but some tropical plants look overwhelmed.  Katniss blames me for all weather events and has been hissing at me this week.   Just call me Freya…  Today, at her first sight of snow, she had no words but later wailed at me for the cold.  There is a lovely deck to shelter under and she has a thick, glossy coat.

41 thoughts on “Snow in the subtropics!

  1. Wow! That must be quite amazing given your location …. par contre, my husband has had no snow at all in Massachusetts 😆 Give Katniss a hug from me and tell her that The Bean is equally unforgiving of the recent cold snap here and quite clearly feels I am responsible. Wouldn’t that be great? Such power!! Xx

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    • It was so exciting when we so rarely see snow. It’s colder today but bright and sunny – a perfect day. Katniss has abandoned me today – she is not exactly huggable but I could try… Love to you and Bean. Snow will soon be in Mass! ❄️

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  2. Crikey I’d never have thought it snowed in Texas – doesn’t fit the image at all. It’s pretty uncommon here in Jersey (C.I.) and chaos ensues when it does. Had to laugh about your pre-ordered last rites. You needn’t call for the priest again when the time comes then 🙂

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    • It snows in south Texas very rarely, about once a decade. The north gets snow every year, however, and we once got the last plane out of Amarillo before the airport closed. It regularly gets to freezing 32 degrees in our area in our short winter. Our trees are very hardy!

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  3. This winter has been crazy and we’re not even a month in yet! When friends of mine who live in Atlanta received buckets of snow before Christmas and here in Pittsburgh we had none at the time, I was speechless. Our snow situation has since been rectified but of course we in the midst of an arctic blast. The little snowman is cute and that Katniss, she slays me.

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      • Oh yeah, I was quite salty seeing all the pics on FB and IG of all this snow. We finally got ours, even had a white Christmas for the first time in I don’t know how long. Then we had a winter storm and because it’s so frigid we still have snow. I’m about fed up with it. 😉

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      • Today, we’re starting off in a heatwave. It’s 34 degrees and the difference in temperature over the past few days is astounding. I didn’t dare put on as many layers as I was wearing or else I’d be stripping outside, one hot flash is all it takes.

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