Gaslamp Architecture, San Diego

The pink hotel viewed from the Hotel Andaz

This area of San Diego was once known as the new town and most of the buildings are Victorian with some Art Deco.  In the 1980s and 1990s many of the buildings were listed as historic buildings.  It is now a lively center for business and nightlife.  This is a link to the Wikipedia page about the Gaslamp Quarter

I wasn’t able to identify all the buildings in this post but they all caught my eye.

Florent restaurant

Four buildings

SDSU Gallery

Sunset from Gaslamp

I loved the detail on the side of the this building.  The new architecture looked really good against the older buildings.

Water feature in front of buildings

Totem pole at the mall

The Tipsy Crow

38 thoughts on “Gaslamp Architecture, San Diego

  1. I love that OTT Victorian architecture, and the slightly more restrained Edwardian buildings. Sadly, many here have been demolished because of earthquake risk. Others, less justifiably, were neglected, then skittled in the name of progress.

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  2. Hi Kerry! Stop by the Gaslamp Museum at Davis-Horton House in the Gaslamp Quarter next time! It’s the oldest house in “New Town” San Diego. We would be happy to tell you about the history of the historical buildings in Downtown!

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  3. Cool pictures. Are you familiar with the notion of a “Pattern Language” a la Christopher Alexander? Anyway, I’m trying to do something similar for the socio-technical domain…in particular, best practices in collaboration and cooperation. Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated. The most recent Pattern is “Context-Setting Entrance” which suggests that the entrance to a building (or event or website) should give clues that help a visitor know what is appropriate.

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    • Thank you, Peter. I was not familiar with pattern language but as I browsed through your blog, I gained more understanding. I can see some synchronicity in community development work I have done in the past. A migraine is preventing my brain from working….but give me a few days to read your blog more thoroughly and comment intelligently.


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