Huehuecoyotl is mischief making…

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Huehuecoyotl is one of the many Pre Colombian Gods of Mexico.  The translation is very old coyote.  He is an auspicious God and is generally beneficent but can be a prankster.  I have decided that he will now be my spirit guide when I go to Mexico next week.  He has already started mischief making…

After my amazing list of resolutions, (I have done more than one #2 every day – yippee), I have a short gap before my first work contract and have decided to go to Merida in the Yucatan next week.  It’s a solo visit – I don’t think Teddy is ready for one of my Spanish speaking, taking the local bus and arguing with taxi driver trips.  My last trip to Merida was a disaster but despite that I longed to return in more clement weather.

Booking the flight was easy.  I used air miles and there were a few seats left.  The flight is just over 2 hours so there are many commuters back and forth between Texas and Mexico.  One of the problems with my last trip was that I was staying in a beautiful old building with all the problems that come with that.  This time I decided to choose a generic chain hotel so that at least there is another room to go to…

Huehuecoyotl had arranged for British Airways to send me an email reminding me that I had to use my Avios points.  Ah ha, thought Kerry, I can book a hotel in Merida and save money.  I chose the Wyndham but when I received the final confirmation, I realized that they had not used my points and cash but just cash.  Wily Coyote!  The only option was to phone British Airways.  They have a free number in the States but you are speaking to someone in England.   A very nice lady with a well enunciated English dialect answered the phone promptly – wow! It was such a relief to speak to someone who immediately understood my accent.  I have no idea what the problem is in the USA – I speak clearly and you have all watched Braveheart/Outlander, haven’t you???

As soon as I explained what had happened, she indicated that it would be complicated to sort out so I would be on the phone for a while.  One hour…but at least it was free.  Long story shorter, the first booking had to be cancelled and then she attempted to do it again.  Coyote was having fun because there were two Merida Wyndhams on the BA website, one in lower case and one in upper case.  I assured my new friend that there was only one Wyndham hotel even though they had different addresses!

Right in the middle of all this, my gardeners arrived.  I apologized and said I would have to carry the phone outside while I spoke to them. “Hola! Como Esta”, “Bien, y Usted?”  Then there was some bad Spanish when I tried to explain that I needed a brick stand for the Casa de Gatta (Katniss).  The nice lady said, “Do you live in Mexico?”  Well, if you ask a Trump voter, they might say yes, but really we live in the bilingual metropolis of Houston.  I used eastern Europeans in England as an example.  New immigrants always do the jobs that no one else wants to do.

Back to the strange website; neither the UPPER CASE nor lower case Wyndham would take my money or booking.  Likely they had no rooms left – welcome to Mexico!  Finally I decided that I would just completely cancel all bookings with British Airways and ponder what to do next.  The nice lady was very apologetic and had even reduced the price before I was banished from that hotel.  We bid each other goodbye and I wondered if she was going to tell someone about her strange conversation.  What was even funnier, in the middle of all of this, Toffee had a poo (great resolution) in her litter box and started caterwauling for me to clean it stat!  She was so loud that I had to apologize for that noise whilst escaping to the other side of the house with computer and phone to get away from the noise of the gardeners.

So, I sat thinking about a possibly ill-fated trip but was so amused by the whole situation that I decided to just do a  They allow you to cancel close to the trip time and you don’t pay until after you arrive.  They were problematic the last time (my hotel was not available and didn’t find out until the night before).  Maybe Huehuecoyotl would help out?  I chose the first one that had a great review and it is a 17th century mansion – uh oh.  The hotel immediately confirmed my booking in Spanish – excellente and it is so beautiful that I could just photograph that building.

I am going next week and Teddy is looking after the gattas.  Wish me luck and hope that my puppy God wants to play nice.

33 thoughts on “Huehuecoyotl is mischief making…

  1. Have a great trip, Kerry! I do love learning about the Huehuecoytl, I had not heard of that before! I usually can understand the Scottish accent fine on TV and film, I have seen Braveheart but not Outlander, watched a lot of PBS (since digital began we can no longer get it out in the country), but I’ve never actually talked to a native speaker, since I don’t get out much. I’m also really interested in words and accents, and how language changes. I am one fourth Scottish but the grandparent was Scottish-American. Maybe all that helps (?) Anyway, have a great time and tell us all about it!

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    • You have heard me on video speaking to Toffee but I enunciate better than most. Like America, Scots dialect varies hugely from south to north with from Pictish, Gaelic, French, Dutch and Scandinavian origins. You are likely more Scottish than me… K x

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  2. Around Merida there are many mass graves of ritual murders to appease the Gods, so they had some significant problems before us Spaniards arrived. This was likely due to a devastating drought and famine. Then Europe brought disease such as smallpox and cholera. We have survived through people like me with 5% Mestizo DNA and all the central Americans who look like carvings off a temple.

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  3. Kerry, Enjoy you trip to Merids. Terry and I went there about 4 years ago. Actually drove there from Playa del Carmen. The ride there accross the Yucatan was like driving from Dallas to El Paso. Not much along the road except for a few small towns. E stayed at a hotel close to the Wyden. Can’t remember THE name but it had alot if character. I think we went to Campisi Mex after that. I just remember that Meridia was very hot….about 105 degrees. Think it was late spring? Have fun. Gary

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    • My last trip was very hot (and the substation failed)…but now the high will be in the 80s. I loved my ill-fated trip the last time. It had the feel of a real town and friendly folks. Thank you my friend!


  4. I have perfectly enunciated English and found that I had to repeat myself multiple times to make myself understood in New England. I put it down to shock that someone other than characters in Downton actually speak like that! Your God is mischievous indeed …. but isn’t that exactly why you chose him? Have a fabulous trip … it will be, it will be, it will be (repeat like a mantra for the next several hours) and I can’t wait to see pictures of this place! Bon voyage ma belle amie xo

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  5. Kerry, I just looove Scottish accents! (Imagine me drooling everytime I see a film with James McAvoy 😉) And I really liked your voice talking to Toffee the other day! 😄
    Wish you a truly wonderful trip to Mexico and I look forward to all your pics! 😘❤

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    • I will need to make a video of Teddy speaking to one of our cat daughters…he sounds a bit like Sean Connery. I have a terrible crush on James McAvoy. ❤️❤️❤️ Mexico was amazing and Huehuecoyotl was mischief making to my advantage.


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  7. Typical white woman think she can just claim our culture. Also just necause you want to interpret things as the work of huehuecoyotl it does not even remotely mean you have facilitated contact. What a joke, if only my teacher could hear this hahaha. I am Mexican and Navajo descent as well, Coyote is my spirit brotjer/reflection so you’re literally getting it from the horses mouth :p


    • I will shortly delete both of these comments but how dare you! I have both North American and Central American Native DNA with a long line of Mexican ancestors that I can trace back to the 1700s. My grandfather was born on the Chickasaw Nation reservation in Purcell, OK. Why don’t you go take some lessons on DNA, recessive genetics that produce blue eyed blondes, and more importantly on etiquette? You would make President Trump proud with your racist views. I can choose whichever spirit reflection I want. It’s unlikely I received your opinion from the horse’s mouth but from his ass.


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