Huehuecoyotl is my new best friend…

My gorgeous four poster bed in Merida…note the mosquito net

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?  The tiles are original from the 17th century mansion.  The French owners have recently created this boutique hotel and coordinated everything with the tiles.  The back wall is the palest dove gray as is the new futon beside the bed.  The lamps were made of local limestone and I am taking the photograph from the stairs (yes two levels) in my suite leading to the brand new bathroom.  It was exquisitely designed with local stone in the huge shower.

So far, so good, eh?  The bed was rather hard but the bedding was lovely.  The mosquito net was not for decoration and the fumigator turned up on the second day (it smells of roses, Senorita…).  I look like I have had measles.  Eventually I caught one of the little f***ers and my blood oozed out of it.  The exquisite shower had only cold water.  On one fortuitous occasion I had a tepid shower – yay!  I was offered three other rooms which barely had a trickle of still cold water and realized I had the best room.  My French fellow guests had a trickle of cold water for their whole stay. Dirty froggies…🐸.  I know that is terribly un PC but it’s one of my resolutions.

The menu was translated by French people into English and they need not have bothered.  There is a local Maya language spoken and I have no idea what the menu said.  I ate dessert and breakfast with unidentifiable fruit.  I rarely spoke English to anyone.  Everyone at the hotel spoke French including the staff.  My driver’s English was as good as my Spanish and yet we talked for hours each day.  Google Translate helped with certain words until we were out of cell phone range.

THIS WAS THE BEST VACATION EVER!!!  I don’t know why but I loved every second of it, even my Eco toilet which means no paper down the drain (there was a little lidded bucket for the poo smeared paper).  It felt like glamping or glhostelling.  The day before I left I had received bad news about four friends with health and other problems.  I was so upset that I momentarily considered not going.  The saddest news was the death of our fellow blogger Pan otherwise known as Linda, beautifully memorialized by John Ray and Osyth. If you click on John and Osyth’s names you will see their posts about Linda. My head still has an image of her dog guarding her dead body for two days.

My mental health must be stronger than I imagined and I decided that life really was too short.  I compartmentalized all my bad news, got on the plane and prayed at every church that I saw in Merida.  I got lost twice in the pitch black but kept finding churches so perhaps Huehuecoyotl had an auspicious plan.  The beauty of nature and the kind, warm people of the Yucatan soothed my soul and provided much needed balm.  I have many stories to tell but I have a busy week helping friends and doing paid work so it may be a week or so before I share more.

I climbed a pyramid!

This is a shot from Mayapan, a huge Maya city that has NO tourists! My various DNA tests did not show that I am part mountain goat…all those years hill-climbing with my school friends, Katharine and AnneMarie have left me with a core strength. There was a small group of local school teenagers who struggled to keep up with me…

Most importantly, may Linda rest in peace. She was a loyal, funny and delightful blogger friend that I will miss.

27 thoughts on “Huehuecoyotl is my new best friend…

    • Thank you, Leah. Life is full of yin and yang, constantly changing and challenging us. I thought I had lost my love for adventurous travel but I am still excited that I thoroughly cope with it. It is a gauge to my good mental health. I hope you are not as cold as us this morning. Houston is closed with below freezing roads. Thank goodness Katniss has a nice layer of blubber. 😸 She came around for breakfast at 7.30 am.

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  1. I can hear Linda as she whispered in your ear ‘Go! Enjoy it! I’m all good here!’ … truly I can. I have been so effected by her death and understand your dismay and sadness but as the days open out, I feel her guiding me on and telling me to live, live, live. You having the time of your life in your grand room with the worst of French plumbing, interracting with all and everyone with your usual style and grace, that is honouring our friend and I know she is smiling the broadest smile that you did. This year, you and I will meet. I promise. And when we do we are going to toast a beautiful, humble, modest, loyal friend who we were graced to know and who I know is making the most of the next bit. I know because I feel it xxx

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    • I was just so shocked by Linda’s death especially since one of my close friends has stage IV cancer. I didn’t know Linda as well as you did but I am certain she would be pragmatic about life and inevitable death. Thank you, Osyth.

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  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip – a Mayan city without tourists sounds awesome! – and at the same time I’m so sorry to hear about your friends. I didn’t know Linda but I’ve read Osyth’s post and know she must have been a wonderful human being. xxx

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    • I did really enjoy my trip, to my surprise! I have no idea why people rarely visit Mayapan but I am glad I don’t have many thousands of followers – let’s keep it a secret. Linda’s death was just such a shock – thank you.


  3. Hi Kerry . So sorry to hear about your friends. You’re right. Life is short. Your Mayan holiday sounds absolutely fantastic although I’m envious of your core. Mine has got up and gone.😂

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  4. Thank you so much, Anne. My core is surrounded by many arthritic limbs so the pyramid climb was aided with Celebrex!!!! I feel much better in warm humidity so it was perfect. right now it is bloody SNOWING. What is wrong with the weather??? K x

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  5. It looks like a great vacation.. Well, the comfort issues, yes… little details. But there were so many beautiful things to build and experiences to live that those couldn´t have played a major role, right!?…
    So sorry about Pan. I don´t think I knew her. It is heartbreaking when someone we know (personally/virtaully) passes away. Stay strong my friend. Love & best wishes, always! ❤

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    • Thank you so much, mi amigo. It was having to communicate in Spanish that was the most exciting, especially with the Yucatan dialect. I saw very poor areas and rich areas. It reinforced how fortunate I am and how proud I am that my ancestors came from Mexico.

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  6. I’m in love with the bedroom and almost afraid to ask but I have this morbid curiosity. How do they do dispose of the poo covered t. paper collected in the containers?

    I’m also sorry to hear of Linda passing away. This is yet another reminder of how short life is and I think you made the right decision to take your trip. Take care Kerry! ❤

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    • LOL! It is in a little peddle bin with a plastic liner which I assume goes to the incinerator or dump. It is biodegradable. 😁 The pipes are too narrow to cope with paper – this is common in countries like Greece.
      Life is too short. ❤️

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    • I have been fortunate enough to travel half of the world but I have a special love for Mexico since my ancestors are from there (and I even have some Maya DNA). The people of the Yucatan are especially warm and friendly. The pyramids were just as amazing as Cairo’s.

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