Katniss with snowflakes

Too cold for a sub tropical cat!

Most of you know that we have an inside cat and an outside cat. Katniss (the outside cat) is utterly feral and I can’t touch her (so is the inside cat…). We live in the sub tropics and she normally uses my deck as shade but the weather is crazy right now. Here she is with some snowflakes in her dense black fur. She complained bitterly to me but doesn’t believe that I am only the Goddess of tinned food, not the weather.   Fortunately, I have been feeding her like a Christmas Goose and she has a nice layer of blubber.  Houston has just closed for two days because of a ridiculous cold front. It went down to single digits (F) in some places.

Here are icicles still frozen on my bush.


I drove to the airport today and it was scary to see how much ice there had been. Not only do we not have the capacity to deal with this kind of weather but none of us know how to drive in it. I learned to drive in Texas so my only skills are driving fast (breaking fast when I spot state troopers), avoiding flash floods and parking under the only tree in the summer.

Poor cold aloe

Even my poor little Aloe Vera is completely frozen. About 10 years ago I planted an inch of aloe and it grew and grew like Topsy. I hope she survives this freak ice storm.  Teddy flew to Oklahoma (I always burst into song when I say that) and it will be even colder there, brrrrr!  I am desperate to share my adventure in Mexico with y’all amigos but am too tired to do it justice. Next week…

Until then, keep warm my friends.

29 thoughts on “Katniss with snowflakes

    • Please send us some warmth, Lynne. I saw there was a record temperature south of the equator yesterday for heat. My neighbor has a covered porch with a little insulated house for Katniss…she is spoiled really. It would be much easier to take in one of the possums – they are more tame!

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  1. Oh la la … I’m not surprised poor Katniss is at odds with the weather …. it really is not what she ordered! Those are such pretty pictures, though. Stay warm and I’ll sing Oklahoma with you any day!! xo

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      • Such a tart! That surely is the critical difference between cats and dogs. Cats can hold the hardest and heftiest of grudges whereas a dog is often far too forgiving. I hope she is home soon. I can’t imagine how anxious you are …..

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      • We really do share a lot in common. I didn’t start driving until I was 30. And talk about driving in ice, try it on a hilly terrain, would scare the mess out of me but my first and several following vehicles were standards so I at least felt like I had more control especially in bad weather. I remember back in the day during Driver’s Education they taught us to pump the brakes when sliding on ice but of course today’s technology doesn’t allow for that with braking systems that do it automatically. I never did get the hang of it.

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      • I remember my husband saying never to pump the brakes when you hit ice, just steer into it but American cars are built differently. I have had so many car accidents (mostly not my fault) that I am unwilling to take chances. K x

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      • Yup, you’re right. I woulda got myself killed. I can’t remember now why they told us to pump the brakes but I know it’s not necessary to do so these days. Whenever I hit ice it made no difference because I automatically panicked.

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