Racists come in every color…

Me with my mum and dad.  Is my Dad dark enough for you?

I recently wrote a tongue in cheek post entitled Hueheucoyotl is mischief making. Sometimes I take for granted that many of my followers know all about my ancestry and DNA. New readers must look at my profile picture and envision someone Scandinavian or Irish – both are correct. My name Kerry is a giant clue.

I very rarely receive unpleasant comments (if ever?) – the spam is just that. The comment below, on the above post, incensed me.

Typical white woman think she can just claim our culture. Also just necause you want to interpret things as the work of Huehuecoyotl it does not even remotely mean you have facilitated contact. What a joke, if only my teacher could hear this hahaha. I am Mexican and Navajo descent as well, Coyote is my spirit brotjer/reflection so you’re literally getting it from the horses mouth :p (sic)

Perhaps I should have just deleted it but this is my response –

I will shortly delete both of these comments but how dare you! I have both North American and Central American Native DNA with a long line of Mexican ancestors that I can trace back to the 1700s. My grandfather was born on the Chickasaw Nation reservation in Purcell, OK. Why don’t you go take some lessons on DNA, recessive genetics that produce blue eyed blondes, and more importantly on etiquette? You would make President Trump proud with your racist views. I can choose whichever spirit reflection I want. It’s unlikely I received your opinion from the horse’s mouth but from his ass.

The more I ruminated on it, the more I thought that I would write this post.  It sounded like a young person with a chip on his shoulder.  Try living in a Scottish public housing estate with the name de Ortega.  My only advantage was that I was not discriminated against in the work field as I might have been if I had stayed in California, my birth state.  Most people of Mexican origin are happy to accept me as a half cousin but sometimes I know that I am not quite Mexican enough.  In truth, nobody from Mexico is indigenous because the native tribes both north and south came across the ice passage from Siberia and Asia.

This is my Grandma Juanita and my great aunt. I don’t think there is any doubt about their Mexican heritage. Which one is my grandma?

Mestizo means mixed and can be used as a mongrel insult.  We should all be proud that most of us are mixed.  It should give us less reason to hate each other but even Hitler had some Jewish blood. Not all my family were happy about a Catholic marrying a Protestant, both of whom no longer believed in our faiths. I have embraced my Catholic upbringing with a sense of nostalgia and happily pray in churches all over the world. None of that means that I believe in institutionalized religion but I enjoy elements from most beliefs and faiths.

There was no vision about Huehuecoyotl being my spirit guide, just a happy quirkiness in embracing one of my many roots, with no offence intended. I like Freya, leprechauns and a wide variety of saints. My unwelcome commentator has not responded to my rather snarky reply. After a few days of working with an impossible millennial, I feel a little sympathy but not much.

Is this Mexican enough?

Or is this white enough?

66 thoughts on “Racists come in every color…

  1. You are correct! In some teenage photographs I look exactly as she did. My great aunt looked like she had a little more Mexican native in her but she is the one who said we were 100% Spanish…🇲🇽


  2. Sadly, some people find getting offended the best use of their time and energy. I have some sympathy for youngsters with chips on their shoulders – we all had a few of them once upon a time, but they wear off.

    But as for the others…?

    I’ve been thinking about this recently, because I saw that funny and moving film Three Billboards…(etc.) Good old-fashioned story-telling with vivid-but-flawed characters, that tackles some big themes without offering simple solutions.

    And of course the grandstanding by The Offended has already started. There’s a racist in it (who might just be redeemable, sort of.) There are jokes at the expense of the character played by Peter Dinklage. (Well, he must have failed to read the script.)

    Hell, when I decided I too could be offended, I didn’t have to look far. One of the characters makes a remark about “an old lady with a funny eye.”

    That just has to mean me. Yes!!! I’m old. There’s no denying it. I have a funny eye, courtesy of one retinal detachment too many. Am I offended? You betcha.

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    • In reality, I can be the most tactless person on earth asking people precisely where their ancestors came from because I am nosy. I am also an old lady (my millennial colleague pointed that out) with a dodgy lens in one eye that doesn’t always work and everything is fuzzy – so I do empathize. The critical point is the INTENT of a racist, tactless or unkind comment. Life is funny as long as we all laugh together. And on a completely non PC note, if I even met my commentator I would give him a right wallop. 😁

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    • Thank you Peggy. Don’t you always wish you could come up with a sharp, snarky comment as an immediate response to a detractor?? I suspect he was trolling the internet looking for interesting stuff and has moved on. I do have his email…😈

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  3. My goodness! Racism is a huge problem in society and I am glad that you stand up replying to her rude and judgemental email. I just don’t get with these type of humans.
    Lovely images of you when you were little 🙂

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  4. It’s coming back to the surface in our country, but it’s always bubbling around with someone. I’m pretty color blind and now partially hard of hearing. But Kerry does the best thing ever to basically be the last racist and more aware of others,,,,she travels,,,alot and writes about it. We try to also, with family in different ways. We love to sail, family adventure and connect with the people in the area, and NOT be ugly Americans.

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  5. You are right on Kerry. I am glad you posted this. Continue to be proud of your heritage and just ignore those less informed people who write before they think about what they are saying. Not worth getting worked up about. Gary

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    • Thank you, Gary. I was only incensed for a short while – those feisty Mexican/Irish genetics. 😁 I could have just deleted it but I just wanted to say that my commentator was uninformed and unkind. Working at the airport today so someone else will have me all riled up!!


  6. It must have been a dreadful shock to receive such a nasty comment but your response is superb. It is true that racists exist in every culture and also true that to be fascist you have to be extremely ignorant and uneducated. We surely all know that mongrel is the default human state …. that is precisely why we have evolved so strongly, mixing blood and fortifying the species as we happily procreate freely rather than insisting on marrying ‘In’ which results in weaker strains and genetic defects. You are a stunner inside and out and it is lovely to see the picture of your feminine forebears who gave you a dollop of who you are …. a woman to be proud of! X

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    • What a lovely compliment, Osyth. In Scotland, my mum was asked if I was a half-caste because of my coloring as a child. She was very careful to make me really proud of both sides of my family despite divorcing my Dad. It is really very funny that now I look SO white! Thank you my dear friend. Didn’t you love those hats? ❤️

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      • Adored the hats! I love old pictures and imagining what it must have been like …. I’m so glad your mum did such a good job of making you proud of where you came from on both sides of your gene pool …. I think it is so important. I divorced but that was between me and their father and no reason to vilify their paternal heritage. I think it is so damaging and irresponsible when parents do that and sadly so many do!

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      • I very much admire you for not vilifying your daughters’ father. When my mum became an alcoholic, the truth came out but she was a victim of her mental illness and addiction. As far as I can figure out, my Dad was a charismatic ass who self-medicated an undiagnosed mental illness. There but for the grace of God, Freya or Huehuecoyotl, go us all. 😁


  7. I know I harp on this all the time but again, we must stop with our assumptions and thinking we know someone’s story just because of outward appearance or behaviors. While you should never have to “prove” who you are because some idiot (yup, I went there) is taking ownership of an entire culture, It’s unfortunate (I have to get sarcastic here) it seems most of us are from Missouri “you gotta show us.” Geez the smarter we become technologically speaking the dumber we become in the real world. Although people are so crazy anymore I could easily see someone getting up in your face with this ridiculous remark. Good for you for calling them out Kerry!! ❤

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    • Thank you, Steph. I just decided that I would be brave and speak out. Not only is my ethnicity hidden but my mental illness, too. If I could have a dollar for every time someone has said ‘but you are not really American’ or ‘you look perfectly fine’. You understand better than most. ❤️

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  8. I hate that bullies come in all races, religions, sexes and cultures. I have no idea why people make hate out of things. The most wonderful thing is when people are mixed. I value my Irish and Jewish heritages but have chosen not to have as religion. I am aware that I am judged for that often, but I can certainly cope. People who hate are just that: people of hatred. (Loved the ‘horse’s ass’ bit x)

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    • Did you know that the Amish have a proportionately higher rate of Tourette’s syndrome because of their smaller gene pool? Somehow that suggests that Mother Nature has a sense of humor…


  9. Hi my friend, I think you did well by replying… It would have been easier to delte the comment, but you could´t have made your point and that would have been a way to ignore major issues.
    I am always suprised when americans mention the black-white opposition… After centuries of the awful Civil War, one can still feel the atmosphere. And so it goes.. Anyway, USA is full of Latins… regular citizens, not illegal… So, it is odd… The same feeling tends to perpetuate beyond borders, for mexicans, given Trump´s ideas…
    Sending love ❤

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    • Thank you, Aquileana. I think the #Me too movement inspired me not to be silent. Many people comment that I am not really American or Hispanic just because of my accent and looks – it drives me crazy!!! When I was younger and darker, I looked more exotic and less Irish. Ah well, such is life.

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  10. Ms. Kerry….Thank you for slapping a big fat exclamation point on this topic which is rarely discussed. In my world, I rather tend to view folks as my dog views folks. I get a feeling about them-no matter their color, the name they call their Creator, their gender, language and/or any other labels used by society to separate us from our human-ity. I was born into this life with blonde hair and blue eyes and very pale skin. Some say: “You were blessed” (by these physical characteristics), for me it has been a blessing and a curse. It seems that you as well have suffered similar effects of (for lack of a better term) reverse-racism. I will end with this: I, like you and every other living thing on this planet need to accept that we are all part of the same living energy. I am human, as are you, as is the racist whom would disrespect all life with such sadly ignorant statements. Labels are incredibly divisive-We need to stop talking and just BE. My Ziggy Dog has it going on (Lucky guy) He just LOVES. (and occasionally Barks).We can learn alot from our canine earthmates if we would just shut the hell up and BE.

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  11. You’re so right about being proud to be mixed! I’m half Egyptian, and the rest is a wild mix of German, French and Russian and whoever else wanted to join the family! 😂 Some people just don’t get it, you have to feel sorry for their disability.
    Loved your photos, you were (and still are!) such a cutie! 😊😚❤

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