A snuggle of Fruit Bats

How many cute wee faces can you see?

I always loved the names for groups of animals but the real name for a group of bats is a cauldron of bats. That is just superstitious nonsense – look at those cute little furry faces!   I think there is at least three of them – a mama and two babies, perhaps.  On my very first internship at Chester Zoo in England, I helped edit the zoo magazine which pictured a Dominican Republic fruit bat which the zoo had saved from the edge of extinction. Fruit bats are terribly important to our ecosystem. Their guano or poop fertilizes both the soil and the fruit trees. What would we do without our guavas or bananas or fruit bats?

Just as I was leaving Jaltun Parque near Celestún in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, my guide, Senor Ortega, pointed out the fruit bats nestled in the palm tree. I tried so hard to get a great photograph but this was the best I could process.  When we lived in Cairo, we were woken up by a strange thumping in the back garden.  All we could see in the dark were fallen guavas but then we made out the faint outline of fruit bats knocking the guavas out of the tree and picking them off the ground.  When we lived in our first bought house on an estuary in North Wales, my mum’s cat Tibby came to visit and was terrified by the strange ‘birds’ that flew right at her with their radar.  We have bats in our back yard but go to bed too early to see them…sleepy Teddy and Bunny.

The park also had some orchids

Red Orchid

White Orchid with purple center

The spiny tailed iguana pictured in the last blog lives in hollowed out logs.

Can you see his little face?

Green heron

This is a slightly better shot of my pensive heron with the terracotta water below.  Celestún is an isthmus and just before you reach the beach area you cross over the first body of water.  It looked so tranquil.

What was he fishing for and with what?



34 thoughts on “A snuggle of Fruit Bats

  1. I love seeing the fruit bats when I visit my brother in Australia. Delightful little things. We do have little bats here in New Zealand (the only native land mammal) but there aren’t many of them and I’ve never seen one.

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  2. Bats are adorable and crucial … from now on I will think of them as living in snuggles … such a perfect word. I have so enjoyed all your pictures from this excursion (and your excellent commentary of course) – the bats win for me …. I find myself straining to see their little faces. Adorable. 🦇 🦇 🦇 ❤️

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    • Thank you, Osyth. I knew you would like my fruit bats. Need – new – camera… I am working so hard just now that I would love to be back there – phew! Got to take the work when you can but I am getting old, pero vieja. 😘

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      • Maturing, my dear – not getting old (says she who was convinced she was having a heart attack and breathing her last yesterday …. blasted panic attacks – I thought I’d seen the back of them). I have a new camera courtesy of my husband last birthday …. I’m slowly getting to grips with it but I need two or even three other lenses to really get full use out of it. My old one was fully automatic but with a huge range …. hang in there (like a bat) – hols will come round again soon enough, I am sure. Hugs to you 🤗

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      • I’m sure Teddy will find the perfect solution for you, clever boy that he is! Thank you for the hugs, which are gratefully received …. it’s inevitable that I am a bit over-anxious at the moment with all the preperation for you know what 😉

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  3. I read that the collective noun is a ‘colony’ or a ‘cloud’ of bats. Perhaps different in Chester and Texas 🙂

    One time I instructed a jogging group to bring either a torch or their bat radar on a run which included dark lanes. I heard afterwards that one woman asked another ‘where do you get bat radar?’

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  4. A cloud sounds much more sensible but I just Googled it. Cauldron must be an Americanism. As for your lady jogger, we have a lovely Texas expression – “You can’t fix stupid” 🙃


  5. Oh! I just love bats!! (And Batman btw 😉) Those fruit bats look incredibly cute, all sleepy and cozy. And oh, the little iguana huddled up in that tree log – priceless! Thanks so much for sharing these, Kerry! It’s always a pure joy to take part in your travels! 😊❤

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