Love at first sight…

“I love you!”
“I love you more!”

I was working in the countryside last weekend and I met a lovely horse.  It took me ages to persuade the horses, calves and donkeys to come close to me.  Then it gave me great pleasure to show my colleagues how to handle livestock.  Did you know that horse’s eyes magnify images so you are much larger and scarier than you think you are?  We gently blew into the cattle’s noses and they blew back.  The delight on my city friends’ faces was a joy.

I lived in the countryside for many years and part of my heart is still there.  In my last post I said I wasn’t blue but it took an appointment with my psychiatrist this week, to realize that I am low.  Dang those chemical imbalances!  A medication has been added to my daily potion for a short time and I hope to be back to my old self soon.  Every time this happens, I am taken by surprise; perhaps it is a self protective mechanism in my brain.

There is no particular reason for it other than working more hours than usual and being stressed.  The change is seasons affects me too and the stupid daylight savings time.  The additional drug makes me sleepy but I can feel it’s influence already.  Aren’t we lucky to live in the modern age of medicine?  Teddy was so ill recently with a systemic infection that they gave him antibiotics that are used to treat the Plague!  That scared the life out of me.

I may not post or read blogs as much as usual but I will be back (Arnold Schwartzenegger voice).  Sometimes this medication elevates my mood more than it should, so my posts might be more interesting than usual…

Hasta Luego!

38 thoughts on “Love at first sight…

  1. Depression is always near of us.Many people do not recognize because it is like a losers’ illness.I think people say, I have a depression, they are brave.I hope you feel very happy soon.

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  2. I’ve always had a very soft spot for donkeys. I often think what fun it would be to keep one here and take it to the supermarket with me. Wearing panniers, so it could carry the shopping home.

    When I was very young I had a ride on one at the beach. I was probably a bit too young for that, because i felt very nervous. They’re long gone from the beaches now.

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  3. Hugs sweet Kerry.
    That is a lovely pic of you and your horse friend ❤ . I didn't know that horses eyes magnified images ! I have learned something today 🙂 . I adore horses so much…well any animal, but you know that 🙂 Take care and feel loads better soon. x

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  4. That’s a wonderful photo of you and the lovely horse, Kerry! Definitely love at first sight with you two! Glad that the new meds are helping you, it must be so terrible to be rolled over by these imbalances, good that you noticed this early on. Take good care! ❤

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