I am sleeping with a senior citizen…

Celebrating Teddy’s 60th birthday at a rooftop hotel in Mobile, Alabama

…and he snores too. Teddy and I rarely travel together because of our elderly cat but made a special effort to go to a new place for his 60th birthday.  When we married he was 24 years old and I can’t figure out how all this time has passed.  Teddy went ahead of me and I arrived at Mobile Regional Airport on his birthday.  He picked me up in a rental car and we went straight across the fabulous Mobile Bay causeway .  Sometimes water that close to a roadway scares me but this was just sublime.  We started looking for brown historical sites signs and starting learning the fascinating history of Mobile.

View from the original settlement of Blakely near Mobile. The city of Mobile is in the far distance.

This whole city, named Blakely, was abandoned after an epidemic of yellow fever in the 1800s and everyone moved to the new settlement of Mobile on the other side of the vast bay.  Five rivers create a delta into the bay.  From our busy metropolis, this was absolute bliss – very few people and polite drivers.  We went to lunch at an Oyster place with a great view across the delta.  After two glasses of wine I decided ‘we’ would drive to just over the border of Alabama into Florida.  It was wonderful.  Teddy and Bunny decided that there was no reason to change the habits of a lifetime and had a spat about which direction we should be going in…  There was no cell phone service deep in the country and the GPS stopped working.  By the time we had dinner in the rooftop restaurant of our hotel, all was bliss in Teddy and Bunny land. 🐻 🐰

Many more posts of a place less traveled and some funny stories.

38 thoughts on “I am sleeping with a senior citizen…

  1. A most happy birthday to your husband. Btw, you’ll get used to sleeping with a snoring senior citizen. Just ask my wife! She has been doing that for the last 10 years. 😀

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  2. Happy Birthday (rather belatedly) to Teddy and I am delighted that you managed a trip away together. I so want to visit the true south of this country (as you know, I can call it THIS country again woooohoooo) and your writing compels me further. I must say that my favourite bit of this piece, though was your casual aside about having a traditional spat about direction – sounds familiar 😉 xx

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  3. I’m slowly catching up on my blog reading, and couldn’t pass by without stopping to wish Teddy a belated Happy Birthday and many more to come.
    BTW, I’m a senior citizen – though I admit to getting a kick out of describing myself as an OAP! I must say that once I decided to stop colouring my hair, people do seem more inclined to treat me like one.

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