Birthday Dress

Bargain Birthday Dress!

It has been a while since I did a fashion post.  This bargain buy was a treat after a very long work week.  I found it in Nordstrom’s Rack for $17.  It is a Maggy London dress so they normally retail at around $120.  I have paired them with my favorite BOC lime flower sandals and the foxes’ mermaid.  We have a video of the puppies carrying the mermaid in their mouths.

I wore it for a pre-birthday dinner with Teddy and my friend.  On my actual birthday it was over 100 degrees so it was too hot to wear it.  Teddy and I also celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary, the day before my birthday.  We didn’t know each other very well when we married in haste, so I thought if we married the day before my birthday he would never forget my birthday.  Teddy never forgets anything but Bunny does…

Our 36th wedding anniversary

We spent our anniversary in a historic little town just north of us.  Teddy loves antiquing so I just follow him around…he also loves ballet.  Who knew?  As far as I know, he is out of the closet.

Birthday girl at Lake Conroe

On my birthday we tried a new restaurant on Lake Conroe.  There is a real haze in the air from Saharan dust which some weird weather has brought to Texas.  We managed to stay outside despite the blistering heat.  Then we went home to collapse in the air conditioning!.

68 thoughts on “Birthday Dress

  1. Glad you had a nice Birthday Kerry and congrats on your 36 th wedding anniversary1. The dress is fabulous! It’s good that your Hubby doesn’t forget your birthday and hopefully he gives you a double treat on the evening of your wedding anniversary night and on the morning just before your actual birthday. Luv Gary

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  2. Great photographs! You are a person of great style. I LOVE those green sandals, they would exactly match the green nail polish I have on my toes right now. 🙂

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      • It’s definitely a springy green…do you have Revlon there? It’s their color, but its a year or two old. I keep this stuff forever.

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  3. Birthdays come and go, but 36 years together is something to be proud of. Nothing in this life is easy, nothing should be taken for granted, and given the divorce rate of today’s society I find it heartwarming to see a couple putting trust and faith in each other so deeply as you two. Good luck with the next 36!

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  4. Happy Birthday. The dress is lovely indeed and it fits you perfectly. You look beautiful. Congrats for your wedding anniversary too. My 16th wedding anniversary is in 4 days. It goes so fast.

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