Featuring – Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Do you ever wonder why you started following someone or vice-versa? My taste in blogs is very varied and my friend Chad’s blog is all about sailing – Live Free 2 Sail Fast

I think what triggered my interest was a shared experience of mental ill health. In Chad’s case it is PTSD and he finds sailing to be very therapeutic. Not only that, he actively helps other veterans with PTSD to find some relief with sailing. His post on this subject is inspiring – PTSD and sailing.

I would rather go to the moon in spaceship than sail on a small boat because I have a phobic fear of deep water…🌊  Despite that, I am drawn to the water like a lemming and am truly envious of Chad’s ability to be soothed by sailing. He is about to start on a new adventure – see this post Saturday Morning Boat Musings and I want to wish him all the luck in the world. Here is a link to a post about his adorable Great Dane Quincy.


48 thoughts on “Featuring – Live Free 2 Sail Fast

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. Sailing is therapeutic, challenging work, and rip roaring good times lifestyle I have ever engaged in. All my best to you Kerry.

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    • You and Chad should have a lot in common. I can’t understand why someone who was born in San Francisco can be frightened of water. That didn’t stop me going whale watching in Monterrey…as soon as I saw those humpbacks, excitement overtook fear. Thank you JoHanna.

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  2. I’ve always found sailing therapeutic. After a hard week of teaching, I only needed a few hours on my boat, fighting the wind, and with no other thought as how to survive the next gust without capsizing, I was bodily totally exhausted, but mentally “free”.

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  3. Thank you for guiding me to this blogger. I will take the time to explore his world. Meanwhile I find myself just wanting to curl up with that beauteous dog and let the wind sail me on that ocean blue ….

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    • I’m assuming one of your boyfriends in Maine is JDR? He’s a good dude, wish I could open a great bottle of Red and talk smack with him sometime- The dog is a large rug,,,,check her out daily on Instagram at?: @LiveFree2SailFastBoatDog- Thanks for the nice comments, appreciate-

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      • Oui, bien sûr – c’est lui. I have known him since he very first started blogging. My motto is ‘you can if you will’ and since Linda, our mutual friend died so suddenly last year, I am more conscious than ever that if one has a notion of meeting up, one should try one’s utmost to do it. The dog is a delight. Mine at 7lb would fit in her mouth very easily as a canapé at l’heure d’apéro. One other thing. Those that know me, know I speak as I find, say only what I mean. So I will take the time to explore your blog when I can do it justice later in the week. Bon soirée 😊

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  4. Sounds like an interesting blog! I’ll check it out. And I do like the look of Quincy – I have a very soft spot for Great Danes. I follow a real mix of bloggers too, on all sorts of topics – but one thing a lot of us have in common is a quirky sense of humour . Blogging has really extended my horizons.

    I’m fascinated by ships and the sea, but these days my balance isn’t great so I have to stick to short rides across smooth water.

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