Who needs “Bird Box”…

…you could just join me while I blithely pack up Christmas ornaments. “WTF Golly Gosh!”, I said as I noticed this harmless leaf footed bug who had died while stuck to the duct tape. He belongs to the stink bug family so DON’T SQUISH HIM, if you see a live one.

Didn’t he mummify perfectly? Such a handsome fellow when he doesn’t take one by surprise…

Then I started climbing up into the attic and noticed yet another mummy, above, that must have been under the Xmas boxes. Nearly fell off the darn ladder! Why is he decapitated? Is this an omen for 2019? This is a wonderful resident of Texas known as the tree roach. Most folks who move to Texas from other places are delightfully surprised that the giant roach they are trying to stamp on, FLIES into the trees! The biggest one I saw was 4 inches long and SLEEPING UNDER MY PILLOW. Even the bug man shuddered. Teddy and I both screamed.

So, although I am not phobic about these bugs, I was feeling a little skittish and had used too many cuss words at the very start of 2019. I sat down for a recuperative mug of tea and a snack. When I stood up I felt something fall onto my slipper. I glanced down and said “Geez Louise”…

I had to re-stage the photograph because I cussed again and threw my slipper off with the black THING. It was a Welch’s fruit pastille/candy. Heavens to Betsy, I do hope this is how 2019 is going to continue because it really made me laugh and pee a little.

If you are not one of the 45 million people who downloaded “Bird Box” from Netflix – it is a scary movie with an excellent cast. Perhaps I should ask guests to wear a blindfold when they visit my house?


31 thoughts on “Who needs “Bird Box”…

  1. Yes those bugs can take us by surprise sometimes. Living in Australia we see some pretty sizeable critters but a 4″ tree roach would have me ducking for cover. HNY.

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  2. Happy New Year Kerry. Hope it’s a great year for you and Andy. I would have screamed my head off with any of those insects. I can just about cope with ladybirds x

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  3. Happy New Year, Kerry! Ah the stink bug (we call them Woodies) who seem to magically show up any time of year, and when least expected. At least they’ve stopped dive bombing my hubby. Now they just hang around on the walls; one was looking at our new 2019 calendar on the kitchen wall just the other day. And I do recall those rather over sized roaches when I first moved to Texas after I got married. But I’m a rescuer, and my goal in life is to ‘Harm None,” so I’ve got my bug rescue kit tools scattered all around the house. I’m sure your start to the year is just the left over debris from 2018. Maybe this is why I seem to get into a ‘nesting’ frame of mind as each calendar year begins… to clear the way for new adventures.

    The eternal optimist,


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    • I love your attitude, Fim! I rescue most bugs and rather like the stink bugs but not cockroaches. I am too afraid that they will skitter up my leg or FLY! My husband found one nibbling on a scar on his leg in the study. That made him scream. LOL!

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  4. I had to breathe a bit deeply to make it through this post as I am phobic about bugs – not all bugs by any means but roaches definitely make the list – ESPECIALLY ones that can fly!!! Happy New Year – I’m sure it is bound to improve!

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