I went to the Grand Canyon and it wasn’t…

Silhouetted crow on the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon

…that grand.  To be fair, the canyon was a really Grand natural spectacle, it was the arduous trip to get there that took the gleam off the visit.  Air travel has never been more popular, especially to tourist destinations.  The flight to Vegas was completely full and my heart sank as I walked towards my aisle seat.  Two rather large people completely filled the THREE seats.  They managed to squish up a bit and I had a little sliver of seat.  My airline should have dealt with the situation but I didn’t complain knowing it was pointless.

Finally we arrived at Las Vegas and even the airport seemed a little shabbier than it did a decade ago, on my last visit.  Still, I laughed at the slot machines right beside the gates.  My ‘I work at an airport’ aura followed me west and I helped a party of French people communicate with their Serbian Uber driver.  My Uber arrived and I drove off, shouting “Au revoir!” while thinking, ‘good luck finding someone else who speaks French…and enjoy our Freedom Fries!’

My hotel lived up to all its recommendations, just off the Strip but incredibly quiet.  Each room was a little suite and I could have happily lived there.  Perhaps some of the very elderly residents did? I felt like the young groovy chick that I am.  After I unpacked, I went off to see the sights of Vegas before my long trip to the canyon the following day.  Waiting at the crosswalk, I got talking to an older man (my age) who had his even older mother in a wheelchair.  I wasn’t sure she was alive…mummified?  Was his name Bates?  I kept bumping into them at the Mall across the street and she didn’t seem to move.  Welcome to Vegas!

As I was trying, with thousands of other people, to negotiate the Strip’s overhead walkways, I noticed that there were many homeless people; some drunk and some mentally ill.  One poor guy got in the large elevators with 15 or so other tourists.  He was shouting at nothing, terrifying the other occupants. My ‘I worked in mental health’ aura was about to appear when the doors opened and he stumbled out.  It is really hard to enjoy visiting a place when you can see the underside right in front of you.

What mortified me even more were the British tourists behaving crassly.  I really tried to manage my Trans-Atlantic twang so I could travel incognito.  There was a really loud English couple, from up north like Jon Stark, in Victoria’s Secret who were trying to find something classy for her mother (presumably my age or less).  They eventually found a sexy little something in leopard silk polyester.  I struggled to contain my mirth…  Later I came across some Scots men in a hotel bar and every second word was a loud cuss word.  Sigh.

I took some shots close to my hotel as night was falling.  It was as though the night added some dark glamour to the previously tawdry street.

Do you see the truck at the bottom?  Sin City Indeed.

40 thoughts on “I went to the Grand Canyon and it wasn’t…

  1. My wife and I stayed in Vegas a few years ago as we saw the sights. The Grand Canyon was one of them. I found Las Vegas depressing and was glad we only were there to have a place to sleep and travel from. To me it was a sad place and I do not see myself ever wanting to go back.

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    • I agree with you and should have approached the canyon from a different city/state. There are so many beautiful canyons all over the west and I have been lucky to see some of them in Colorado and Utah.


  2. Love the pic with the silhouetted crow! And the clever reference to Hitchcock’s masterpiece. 😉🐦
    Just a couple of days ago some Spanish tourists approached me looking for the Brandenburger Gate – they were lucky they’d approached me cause they didn’t speak any English ir German and I was happy to use what was left of my Spanish. 😄
    Anyhow, so sad to hear that this marvel of a city is on such a decline…

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  3. Okay, I’m waiting to see how the Grand Canyon compares. Las Vegas is the ultimate thing-in-itself; there’s nothing like it, and one simply has determine whether or not all the negatives are worth whatever WANTS out of it — sort of like oral surgery. I’ve been there many times, and always found plenty to detest, but I know enough to ignore all that … especially the people.

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  4. I kind of find Vegas to be overwhelming. We’ve been many times since we live so close, but next time we go we plan to just do a show and that’s it. Walking the strip just takes too much out of us! (Except for M&Ms World. We love M&Ms world).

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  5. I think I’d rather read your post than to take that trip. You’re way more enjoyable than the actual experience. I have found that I’m content to live the experience vicariously lately. I’m getting too old, not to mention crabby, to deal with trips to far off places. 🙂 I do think that you’d make a great author of books on the art of traveling.

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  6. Las Vegas is always interesting, so many characters on the streets. Used to be worse. Now the can’t hang around the main strip, they have to rent a little circle in the Freemont area (old Vegas) which is real cool and strut their stuff there.

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  7. Interesting, I lived in LA for thirty two years, never went there, blame my Ex. she was a snob, and even after we split, never cared after, I saw her point, a sort of Disneyland for adults, well never went there as a child, even cared less as an adult, in general do not like crowds.

    Grand Canyon, at least it’s Nature. 🙂

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  8. I enjoyed the good humour of your post – it’s not often Americans are portrayed as being able to laugh at themselves! The English/Scots and we Australians are a terrible crass bunch, just loving profanity but that’s ok – Las Vegas sounds interesting… Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏 donnadoesdresses.com

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    • Thank you, Donna. Your comment went into Spam?? I am an odd American with a Scottish accent. American Dad/Irish Mum, born in California, living in Texas, brought up in Scotland. Las Vegas is interesting and attracts a wide variety of tourists. The scenery around is amazing so you can always escape the Strip.

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  9. I did Vegas all wrong. I’d get up at four in the morning to play the slots, meet my brother for breakfast… then we’d go to a nicer casino so that we could walk around and eat overpriced food for lunch. When evening arrived, I was in bed by eight and my brother and his daughter took advantage of the free drinks…

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  10. My aged mother has visited Vegas with friends many times. Loves it. She once flew over the Grand Canyon in a snowstorm and was delighted though all the other passengers were terrified. Sigh, you can’t choose your mothers 🙂

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