Timing is everything

Tiny tourists

I have a problem with punctuality.  Honestly, I think it is a symptom of my OCD and I am always on time or early.  It drives Teddy crazy and his slowness makes me consider spousicide or whatever the word is.  Before I left the Grayliner Bus at the entrance to the Grand Canyon, the driver went to great lengths to emphasize that Arizona was one hour behind Vegas.  He urged us to check and double-check that we would be back in 4 hours precisely no matter what time it said on our watches. Our fellow passengers would have plans for Vegas later, perhaps a show, and we had to be considerate of each other.  I was listening…

Proof that I am not a vampire. Spoiled a great shot of the brown Colorado river way down

After chatting to the Tribal member who looked like my Dad when he was young, I went straight back to base.  There was a little tourist shop, restrooms and a view of the airfield.  The canyon was in the distance and I was so happy to sit in solitude with my ice-cream gazing at the view.  It was fascinating to watch the small planes and helicopters take off.  On a couple of occasions, staff came up to me to ask if I was waiting for someone or generally okay.  I don’t think I look particularly suspicious but the airfield was a secure area, as they all are.  Eventually it was time to head to the bus.  Other passengers were there before me including my foul-mouthed friends.  Some people were a few minutes late but one couple was about 35 minutes past time.  Even worse, they sauntered to the bus oblivious to the silent hissing and dark stares.  Their attitudes changed as soon as they stepped on the bus with boos and cat-calling.  They look mortified, as they should…

Can you see the couple on the ledge?

We set off, got off the Tribal Lands, then the county roads to the main drag between Arizona and Nevada.  The bus was going pretty fast and then it stopped.  There was a major accident ahead and the double-lane road was closed.  As the driver relayed this information to us, you could sense heads swiveling towards the unpunctual couple.  There is really no more to the story – we came back to Vegas about 2 hours late.  My fellow passengers in my row became ruder and more annoying.  We stopped at the first hotel on the outskirts of Vegas and I bolted off the bus like Speedy Gonzalez.  The driver confirmed that there would another staging fiasco so I went to the Uber lane.

My mood was foul but I was curiously surprised that my Uber driver was a middle-eastern lady.  She was even more surprised when I greeted her in Arabic.  We had a lovely time chatting about Iraq and Egypt.  Her journey for Iraq was as traumatic as you can imagine and then she struggled to conceive.  Her boss kindly paid for the IVF treatment and now she was a happy bunny with a baby in Nevada.  Her story jerked me back into reality about what is really challenging in life.  It’s not an overlong trip to the canyon.

Perhaps Vegas is a happy ever after story for some?

28 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Terry was muck like you, always over-pinctual and OCD. I was more like your husband. I usually judge my time by the particular event. If important like a doctor visit, a meeting with someone at a specified time, I’m always punctually. If it’s just a group party without a sit down dinner (five example) it’s not as important to be the first one there. 10-20 minutes late is okay so host isn’t over-whelmed with everyone arriving at the same time. Terry and I would often argue with me about this, if we weren’t out the door at the exact second to drive to an event (less critical like a party) he’d be in my face yelling which always defeated the purpose as it would slow us down more. I tried to get him to learn to chill a bit, but as you know with OCD, it’s hard to do. One has to judge punctuality, but what impact being socially late has upon the host. Each situ can be different. One thing I always hated us when people would arrive to our house early when we would host a party. Used to stress me out as I wanted everything to be perfect and ready. If I wasn’t fully ready due to guests coming early, my whole night would be disrupted. I guess this is my OCD, I hate when my plan gets disrupted when I am trying to finish things up. Oh well, were all differrent.

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  2. As a an OCD person and stickler of punctuality myself, I read this post with such interest. Lol, you did sound a bit suspicious wandering around and eating ice-cream…probably because you were the only one but hey, hanging with oneself can be cool 🙂 It really didn’t sound like the best trip back to Vegas but sometimes things just happen and it gets later and later. It sounded like a great Uber ride with the middle-eastern lady – and it put things into perspective. Sometimes what is challenging you don’t often hear about and what’s challenging to you in the end is just a bump in the road. Have a good week ahead, Kerry 🙂

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  3. And the journey continues! 😉 Really enjoy this new series, Kerry. The uber lady sounded nice, what a contrast to those foul-mouthed travel companions from the bus. The couple on the ledge ist just awesome! 😄 xxx

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