The Pelicans are back!

Every year our street waits with eager anticipation for our visit from the white pelicans. We live in the middle of a forest so pelicans aren’t a regular sight. There is a well stocked containment pond at the end of our street which provides the pod of pelicans with some R&R on their long journey from The Gulf of Mexico to as far as Canada. They are American white Pelicans but as you can see from the image, they have dark feathers underneath.

This is the best shot I could get up close and you can see their lovely yellow beaks. They are astonishingly white and look like fluffy cotton balls on the lake. A regular white egret was keeping it’s distance from the much larger birds. They fill up their beaks with water and fish and then filter out the water. The pod gather closely to herd the little fishies.

24 thoughts on “The Pelicans are back!

  1. I remember seeing some pelicans when I was living in Texas! It was such a treat. Don’t think I’d see them in the Northeast. Not sure though. We do have The Hudson river about 6 miles away. And tons of lakes and creeks. We DO get to see geese twice a year which is thrilling! Just hear my first homeward bound geese the other night!

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    • For some reason I have always lived on a migratory route, even in Scotland. Loved hearing the honking of the geese arriving. Not so happy about the swans who took down the electricity lines…😁


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