Silvery pixie, fur ball and furry slippers

Oh oh! Look at all that silver in my new pixie cut! I think I will embrace it for now but expect another blog with some wacky hair color as I get bored… This blog should probably come under the heading ‘another quirky Kerry rambling’.

When I was photographing the pelicans at the containment pond, I discovered a huge fur ball (or possibly scat).

Was it a bobcat, a coyote or the Great Horned owl? I would really like to have poked around in it for clues but that sort of weird behavior upsets Teddy… I am not ready to be put in a home, please wait until I have to wear diapers.Β  It won’t be long.

Speaking of weird behavior, I was driving Teddy to brunch as I do every Saturday, when I noticed a brand new sports car alongside me with an offensive sticker. Let’s just say that he probably doesn’t like folks south of the border. They have the same problem in Scotland…😁 As we stopped at traffic lights, I edged closer so that I could peer at the driver. I did it twice to get a good look and he was a Caucasian with a Hezbollah beard. Once he realized I was staring, he started to get nervous. At the next lights I decided to have fun and rolled down my windows. By chance, I had been playing some Spanish hip-hop in the car and turned it up as loud as it could go (pretty loud in my coupe). When the lights went red, he raced off like a bat out of hell with my cackling in his ears. Teddy just shook his head.

A few days later, I was waiting in a line at the lights when I noticed a lady screech to a halt beside me. Her side panel was already beaten in. She emerged from the car like a Latino mountain woman, wearing a large red plaid sheet shirt and black furry slippers. Then she ran up to the perp’s car in front (who presumably had cut her up) and shook her fist, yelling something. She stomped back to her car, or as much as you can stomp in furry slippers, and reached into the car. Uh oh! Was she reaching for an AK-47? It was just her pink shimmery phone to take photos of the perp’s licence plate. Inside I was saying, “You go girl!” because I am sick to death of impatient, disrespectful drivers. This is Texas – drive friendly folks (or at least funny). 🀠

26 thoughts on “Silvery pixie, fur ball and furry slippers

    • It really is (with Spanish subtitles) but despite almost everyone having a gun you are not allowed to discharge one in our township unless it is something worse than road rage. No fireworks either – it might upset our critters. πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

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  1. Chatty Kerry rambles πŸ˜€ You rock the pixie do! I think it suits you. You had some balls to turn up the Spanish hip-hop and give beard-guy a bit of scare. Don’t know why he was nervous but maybe you were looking very gung-ho that day πŸ˜€

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  2. Hey Kerry,

    As for me….Although it is often tempting to do, when it comes to driving I usually try to avoid getting into any potential conflicts with other drivers when they or I do something stupid. In todays world you have no idea what the other driver might do should you provoke them. I prefer to just blow things off and say “Shi_ Happens!” We all do things from time to time when driving which wasn’t right because of a temporary memory lapse. Oh well ….jus
    t my 2 cents worth

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  3. LOL! πŸ˜‚ Would have loved to see how you intimidated that man with your Spanish hip-hop (which is so cool by the way! French hip-hop too 😊). And that last with the slippers? I think she was awesome! πŸ˜„

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