Germany or Texas?

It is Texas, of course, Tomball to be precise!  The closest I have been to Germany was Frankfurt airport in the middle of the night  but there is a distinct German feel to our local area.  We live north of Houston and in the past it was home to German settlers who farmed the area.  Most of the local roads are German or some corruption of such.  The Kuykendahl Road has been mangled into submission by locals who call it Kirkendall.  I think I pronounce it slightly better with my Scottish drawl but am constantly corrected.☹ To be honest I pronounce most things better…

Teddy was off last Friday and we decided to go to Tomball for lunch.  When we first moved here it was even more German, with many descendants of the original settlers.  Most of them arrived in the late 1800’s by ship to Galveston, TX.  There is a Lutheran High School and a sweet little Main Street that has been kept intact.  It slumbered during the recession but now it is vibrant with new restaurants and antique shops.  To our surprise, they were setting up for the spring German festival.

One of our favorite restaurants was empty because it was difficult to maneuver through the vendors trucks and equipment.  America and Texas, to be frank, has a terrible reputation for food.  Some of that criticism is worthy when you look at the amount of fast food franchises.  Life is changing, however, and below you can see the freshest local blackened catfish served with sauteed vegetables.  Just a touch of butter made it delicious.

Blackened catfish with sauteed vegetables

The restaurant was originally a meat locker and the original signs are intact.  The German flags were just for the festival.


Teddy and Bunny

We sadly declined to eat the apple cobbler and wandered outside to see what was going on.  My eyes were immediately drawn to a petting zoo from a local farm.  Oh how I love goats!  I would have some but they are little gremlins, always getting into trouble.

Isn’t he perfect. Look at his tiny little horns!

Look at those ears! They are fat little goats.

I was surprised at the amount of goat products in Texas but I think there was some money benefit to having goats at one point and now we all love goat cheese.  Goat’s milk – gaaaaa!

Loved this shot – the water is just a few inches deep.  It gets so hot in the summer here that I guess some liquored locals took the water!  Finally, a happy Teddy is enjoying a flight of local German style craft beer.  I despaired of the regular beer in Texas when we arrived but thank goodness for the current craze of craft beer!  Decent European style beer at last.  We also have some very good wine, vodka and bourbon now.  Moonshine too – that will get you swimming!.

30 thoughts on “Germany or Texas?

  1. I do like many of the craft beers from the micro breweries hereabouts, but I am most happy that I can get real German beers, and even on tap at that, here in Fredericksburg.
    Interesting sign you have there, from the Brautigam meat locker place. That btw, a meat locker, is how “Opa’s Smoked Meats” here in Fredericisburg started.

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    • They actually serve it in small glasses because Americans aren’t used to the strength of real beer. It is not like English beer despite the IPAs and stouts. Definitely European/American. My favorite are the Alaskan pale summer ales with lemon in them – really go well with 100 degrees humidity. 🍻


  2. I love goats too!! 😄 They’re so cute and clever! And goat cheese is just so yummy! 😄 I really need to have a little farm of my own one day. 😁
    That fish looks delicious, no fast food there. 😉
    And yay to craft beers, they’re really do much better tasting than.the normal ones.

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  4. I’m always intrigued by enclaves of people from unlikely lands who have thrived elsewhere – like species of foreign plant or animal that somehow found a foothold elsewhere. I’m with you on craft beer, by which name Real Ale is increasingly known. I always wonder how we drank the desperate gassy beers and lagers that were the only choices at one time.

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    • You and I are perfect examples of fish out of water. I think it would be much easier to be part of an enclave of similarly cultured people. In Scotland almost all of the people in our council estate were from Eire. Older women still spoke in Irish Gaelic in the street. When I went to college in Glasgow, I was shocked that there were so many Scottish Protestants! I was sheltered in my little enclave. BTW, totally with you on the beer. My first trip to Brussels was a revelation on the excellent work of monks. 📿


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