I have a crush on Texas…

…Well, he is so handsome

Plutons – cores of old volcanoes

And so weird

Franklin Mountains, El Paso

So big

Mother Gray Fox and pup

Really cute

When I first met Texas, I wasn’t really that interested.  I already had a blind date organized with Macaé.  How could you turn down a remote oil town in the Amazon??  Teddy was already out of the closet with his crush on Texas so turned down the opportunity for us to move to Brazil and Houston was on the horizon.  Houston is not a very pretty city with its endless sprawl but the commuter towns have their charms.  The real beauty in Houston is the natural deltaic landscape with so many sub-tropical trees.  Almost every visitor says, “I didn’t expect it to look so green!”  No tumbleweed here but there is plenty in West Texas, an entirely different ecological zone.

Tiny Kerry on Enchanted Rock, central Texas

When we found our ‘Hansel and Gretel’ house in the depths of indigenous forest, I started to feel excited about Texas.  That first flurry of excitement when you get to know each other…  What is that lovely singing in the background of my romance with Texas?  Cicadas, armadillos, skunks, raccoons, gray foxes and coyotes!  Oh be still my beating heart – this animal lover is in critter heaven.

Teddy’s Possum

Then I found out that Texas and I had different political colors.  I was sad until I discovered that Old Tex had been real blue back in the 70’s.  Austin and El Paso are blue but I choose to forget about Dallas –  that red rogue.  Then Houston voted in a lesbian Mayor – who knew?  President Obama signed my certificate for volunteering for the State of Texas.  Swoon…  Our romance has been rocky of late but moving swiftly on.

I should really be in love with California, my birthplace, or Scotland where I grew up but I’m not.  Apparently, I like hot, steamy states that are BIG!  It took me a while to realize that you have to make friends that are also in love with Texas.  They don’t have to be Texan or American.  Teddy positively drools over Texas – it’s almost embarrassing.  Never did I think I would be in a threesome but it’s kind of fun!  Tears fill our eyes on a good day at the pond or lake when we spot an unusual critter or plant – the more dangerous, the better.  The day that Teddy stopped me before the Copperhead snake struck me was so exciting.  Texas – you are never boring.

It’s a true love story and I knew that when I was so unwell this year.  I visited my old fiancé, Scotland, and didn’t feel anything.  There was a pleasant memory but no tingle.  At one point, I thought I would fall in love with Mexico but he is a little unpredictable and doesn’t understand me.  I see Texas, warts and all, and feel at home.



48 thoughts on “I have a crush on Texas…

  1. That snake gave me second thoughts about visiting Texas, he made our rattlers look mild. However you do have Two NFL teams plus fun music city Austin, and a south coast along the gulf. Plus I hear the food is delicious, bbq and Mexican. Ah yes , the great state of Texas- yippee 😁

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  2. Beautiful, all that open space, hills, and cactus hiding in greenery. I’d fall in love with it, too, if it wasn’t so hot and humid. Don’t like extreme climates, not too hot, nor too cold. These foxes are amazing. I’d be out all day long with sights like these.

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  3. Yes, certainly for a Brit, Texas has a strange sort of attraction. Maybe this comes from boyhood memories of cowboy movies and series – Bronco Layne, Rawhide, Two-Gun Tex – cities made famous in songs – Galveston, Laredo, Amarillo – and stories of the old Mexican wars, including the Alamo. I guess I’ll never visit.

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    • Well, I am glad I can give you a virtual tour. For the most part, I am just showing the good bits! The oil refineries on the coast are not pretty… I doubt I will ever visit Jersey despite always wanting to. Travel interests me less than it used to.

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