My simple holiday decor

Many years ago I had a 7ft Christmas tree decorated with endless ornaments, some antique, with snow, a village and a train underneath! Now I can’t maneuver a giant tree out of the attic and some of the excitement of the holiday season has disappeared with less relatives and animals on this earthly plane.  The boxes of baubles make me feel sad, however, so I try to spread them all over the house.  Our bedroom above is decorated in blues, beige and a touch of pink – so are the baubles.

Even my perfume tray in the bathroom has a cat angel – why not??

Teddy has a maritime penchant so the other bathroom is decorated in blue.

Chandeliers are decorated – even the sparkly rocks are festooned in tinsel (Teddy is a geologist)

Teddy’s study (below) has to be decorated…

…and then mine (this sketch was drawn by my employer when I was 21)

Just add a Swedish Horse to add some color to the brass candles with Norwegian candles.  The clock, a wedding gift to Teddy’s parents in 1948, is always at 1.50 pm because the humidity killed the mechanism.

Even the spare bedroom is not ‘spared’…  Teddy painted the landscape many moons ago.

This is my Nana’s beloved walnut glass cabinet brightly lit by a glass container filled with red baubles and lights.

This year was going to be treeless because it doesn’t seem like Christmas without cats ripping off ornaments or peeing in the ‘snow’.  Then I felt compelled to decorate a tiny little tree and I love it.  I hope you have enjoyed my homespun little tour – it doesn’t have to look like an interior designer was involved for it to feel like the HOLIDAYS!



51 thoughts on “My simple holiday decor

  1. It looks absolutely amazing, especially your Christmas tree! I agree with you, we don’t have to go crazy during the festive season to create something magical! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful holiday season, Kerry😊

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  2. Really like your minimal, not-over-the-top Christmas decorations. I was watching videos on YouTube where people go all out decorating their house/apartment/flat all over with decorative baubles to festive themed mugs and towels. While I think it’s all festive, I do also think it’s quite a waste to spend so much on Christmas decorations each year, and so much effort too.

    Do I see condensation on the window behind the miniature lighthouse? Very cute decorations.

    The tree already looks quite sizable in my opinion lol. Hopefully it wasn’t too hard to put up and fluff this year 🙂 Also, interesting to hear Teddy is a geologist. I’m not a geologist but I have a fascination with turquoise and collect turquoise rocks, of them shipped from the States.

    Happy holidays.

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    • It is a frosted pane of glass in the bathroom. Surprisingly we live in an energy efficient house with really good temperature control. We recently had to replace a couple of panes of the 15 year old glass and it was expensive because it was solar treated? I love turquoise too, Teddy even more so. I am a great disappointment to him because I rarely wear even a wedding ring and he LOVES jewelry. He has a fantastic silver and turquoise ring made by a local native American. K x

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      • Ah, at least you got to replace the panes. They do deteriorate in insulation over the years. Teddy does sound like someone who loves his stones alright. Won’t be surprised if he has a heap of two-toned turquoise stones 😀

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  3. Everyone is taking down their decorations these days and leaving forlorn Christmas trees by the curb… So it is a pleasure to read this post and see your decorations. I especially liked the container of ornaments + lights!

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