Short, sassy and seasonal


I have been growing my hair a little longer, of late, and coloring it a shade darker.  Looking in the mirror it just looked dull so VOILA!  My stylist cut it in a really short style and I lifted it a couple of shades to a light ash blonde.  I always color my own hair and this time I used Ion color and Developer from Sally’s Beauty Shop.  It’s a cheaper way to color your own hair and wastes less product.  I mix and match the shades until I get one that suits.  This was a mixture of 10 AN (Ash Neutral) and some High lift blond with 30 % developer.

This photograph shows a little more of the texturized effect.  I have incredibly coarse hair that refuses to sit properly so it took my stylist a good hour to cut and re-cut when dry.  The left side of my hair (in the photo) has always been the difficult side, even from childhood.  Frizzier and less compliant than the right. Teddy is my patient personal photographer…

The hot, hot summer takes it’s toll on my hair but once it gets a bit cooler, I always feel like changing it up.  Especially when it is BOOT season!  Last weekend I wore my silk flowered ankle boots – totally impracticable for anywhere with a real winter.❄️❄️

Before  Teddy took the previous two photographs in the back yard, I took this selfie on the front porch which is shaded.  It is fascinating how different the photos look – just a different camera and position.  Teddy was able to make me look sunnier but I quite like the thoughtful look above.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season.  I will be offline in a few days for the holidays.  Merry Christmas!


I composed this draft yesterday.  Then Teddy came home late after a frenetic work day so we went to our local steakhouse’s bar for a quick happy hour meal.  I noticed with trepidation that the car park was full and suddenly remembered Christmas Work Holiday Parties – shudder!  We found a little table for two in the corner but it wasn’t secluded enough…  Sure enough, hyena screams started coming from a table of what looked like lady realtors.  I quickly ascertained that they were all in competition with each other thus the screeching across the table.  Then I looked at their hair.  Every single one was wearing a Rachel cut.  It was hard to tell their age with all the fillers/Botox but I would guess between late 40’s to my age.  There were no real beauties but all were attractive and would have benefited from a new hair style – a pixie here, a lob there even just a blunt bob.  I laughingly asked our wonderfully patient waiter if they had a volume control (perhaps at the back of their matching black shift dresses).  I hope they gave him a whacking tip.  Oh that feels so much better especially since a Swiss jackass (CH on Audi) in Trader Joe’s car park tried to take me out this morning.



59 thoughts on “Short, sassy and seasonal

    • Thank you so much, Aiva! Have a wonderful Solstice/Christmas/Holiday! My Irish family didn’t know how to celebrate Christmas in Scotland. Up until 1958, it was illegal to celebrate Christmas with festivities. My Scottish husband used to receive his gift on Hogmanay. Apparently pagan ceremonies were absolutely fine!!

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      • Thanks so much. There was a time when it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in Latvia too but now we make up for it with making the most of it. It’s such a wonderful time of the year, isn’t? All the best xxx

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      • I would love to experience Latvia at Christmas time! We have been to Mexico and Peru just before Christmas and it was WONDERFUL to experience the difference. Egypt was great fun too with most Muslims and Coptic Christians getting into the spirit of the expat Holiday. K x


  1. My God Kerry. You are your mums spitting image! Beautiful. Unfortunately I’ve turned into my mum too🤪 hope that you and Andy have the loveliest Christmas and New Year. I enjoy your blogs. Take care x Annemarie x

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    • You actually look a little more like your Dad with such beautiful hair. Andy came in the other day and said, “Hello Kathleen” because I looked exactly like my mum. It is a lovely compliment. Marry Christmas. 🎄🎄


  2. Aww it looks fantastic & it really suits you, Kerry! Quite interested in those silk flowered ankle boots (I have a bit of a bootie obsession, no shoes seem to fit me well so I just have a closet full of boots!)
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 🎄
    Caz xx

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  3. The textured pixie cut looks amazing on you. It sounded like your stylist gave your short hair layers, which is quite a feat for short hair. When I get my hair done, I ask for a lot of layers at the top 😛

    Lmao at the boisterous ladies. It sounded like they owned the entire place and didn’t care if they annoyed others 🙄

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