The Grinch won’t leave!

What is it about the holidays?  My mental health is better than it has been in months but still the festive season pushes all my buttons.  I think I used to enjoy Christmas but at some point it just became stressful.  It was better when there was very little money in our lives.  Presents were much needed and usually a delight – despite a white and brown polyester dressing gown that I had to wear for years…  In later years my late crazy mother got her knickers in a twist about the varieties of Christmas puddings and drove her daughter nuts trying to find the PERFECT one.  Remember when there was only one or you made your own?

As my mental health was improving during fall, I got very busy creating postcards from Teddy’s beautiful images.  Then I started on my handmade soaps and enjoyed the process.  I wrapped them prettily and gifted them to everyone.  It backfired somewhat as I made some friends feel that they had to reciprocate.  The true joy is in giving with no expectations.

Then Teddy got some unanticipated leave from his new job and we went to Fredericksburg for Christmas, possibly the most famous German town in central Texas Hill Country.  It was really beautifully decorated and the weather was fantastic – photos to follow.  Despite enjoying my environment, historic buildings and endless wineries, I couldn’t stop being irritated.

  • There were too many tourists yet we were two of them…
  • The other cars were driving like crazy Grinches – especially through Austin, the most traffic-congested city in Texas.
  • Our luxurious room wasn’t quite clean enough (it really wasn’t).
  • I was bored and tired.
  • The road from Medina to Kerrville was ridiculous – hairpin bends and really steep gradients. I guess I missed the point about visiting the hill country.
  • Teddy sleeps like an owl and I am like a bear. Maybe I should hibernate through winter??
  • Other guests. That’s a standalone but they were talking outside in broad daylight, beeping their cars locked and worse still, talking in their room at 7 pm.  They ate all the breakfast.

I know what you are thinking – poor Teddy.  It’s true that he put up with a Grinch wife but we still had wonderful meals and laughed all the time.  I am hoping that made up for the time, after driving for hours in silence, I turned on the CD to keep myself focused AND THEN he started talking.  I told him to Shut the F*** Up and gave him the finger.  Thirty seven years and counting – I love you Teddy!!!!


41 thoughts on “The Grinch won’t leave!

  1. Sounds about right. Christmas since I can remember has been really stressful. So much so that I prefer 27-30th December to sleep after all the insanity.
    Think I should hibernate in winter.
    Merry Christmas to you and Andy. Although he may be receiving a sainthood after car journeys… only kidding. You made me laugh as I can relate to the perfect pudding etc. That’s me now!
    Hope you have a wonderful. Ew Year.
    Love Anne x

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    • Your poor girls – hunting for the perfect pudding!! LOL! They are not really available here but a British/Kenyan friend makes the best ever puddings. Then I have to make my own brandy butter. Happy Hogmanay!! 🎆🎆


  2. Usual Christmas for us. I worked. Norman did the Gordon Ramsey’s treacle ham dinner. Dave did the tiramisu and Steve did coconut prawns because he liked the ones in Bubba Gump’s (Cancun airport) so much. I bought an oculus quest and am having a marvellous time. Only one GP day left on Friday !

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    • Oh Gosh, you are just the sweetest Canadian boyfriend! I nearly had another Quebecois boyfriend who changed his business route to Latin America to see me in Houston. He was horrified that I didn’t even remember him… 😁
      If watching Netflix is code for swinging from the chandeliers – that is exactly what I will be doing. May 2020 be everything you hope for, dear Joseph. ❤️🎆🎆


  3. Hi Kerry,
    you were here in Fritztown?! We should have met! I agree with you that – especially during holidays – Fredericksburg is swamped by tourists. All the more in recent years with all the wineries being opened. Those have changed the character of this town a lot – and not at all to its advantage. As to the road from Medina to Kerrville: different people, different tastes. I love it!
    All the best to you and yours for 2020,

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    • It was mostly tongue in cheek, Pit. I thought about contacting you but it was short notice and I didn’t want to interrupt you at a busy family time. The next time… The road from Medina was really one of the highlights – I just wasn’t expecting the grades and curves! That coffee shop at Medina was a total surprise – best coffee for miles. More posts of your lovely town to come. Frohes Neues Jahr euch und eurer Familie!

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      • Talking of “tongue in cheek”: up to 6 years ago we ourselves often were here as tourists, and now we talk of “TDT” [= Those Damn Tourists] – present company excluded, of course. 😀 But seriously: all those wineries [there are way over 50 by now just between Fredericksburg and Johnson City] have changed the average type of tourists [again present company excluded] that come here, and not all of it is to the better of Fredericksburg. The character of the city is changing.
        But we still LOVE it here.
        As to visiting: maybe some other time. And if it is on short notice, don’t hesitate. I won’t feel compelled and can always say “no” if it’s inconvenient.
        Take care,

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    • I make pour and melt soaps – easily available from Michael’s or somesuch. Now I use commercial grade materials but I make them rarely as I am allergic to the natural oils…LOL! I will bring you some in February and see what you think. Ironically, I use Kirk’s castille soap for daily use. You can get it in Kroger. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  4. I enjoy so much that you wrote about your funk, and I am positive your hubby got over the shock and laughed. I suspect you had a lot of niggling things in the back of your mind that prevented your normal relaxed view, my sweet Sue was like that also and she pointed it out to me that she was being grouchy (my paraphrase). I am sitting watching snow fall on my lawn, the air is still and I think just like the weather, we need all four seasons for balance. I suspect that applies to moods also. Thank you for your post, you are appreciated.

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    • Thank you so much, David. I am afraid it was not a shock to my husband who is used to the demon within me…LOL! I would love to see some snow but our weather is glorious with bright sunshine. My mood has drooped a little so I will hibernate for a few days like the grouchy bear I am. 🐻 Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for your kindness.

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  5. Christmas can bring out the best and the worst in us! 😂 I’m so glad to hear that your mental health improved and loved to read about you getting creative with making postcards and soap!! Always wanted to try the latter but am a bit afraid of the chemicals involved. And I know what you mean – the joy of making and giving gifts doesn’t have to be reciprocated but I can understand when people feel that way. I always tell them not to worry – seems to work. 😊 Happy New Year! ❤

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