Fredericksburg ist Wunderbar!

It took us many hours to drive to Fredericksburg, mostly because it is 235 miles from our home but also it was Christmas time and we had to pass south of Austin. Austin has the unfortunate title of most congested city in Texas (and you thought Houston traffic was bad…) Would y’alls please stop moving to Texas??? We tried to stop in Bastrop but they were queuing out the door for the only open restaurant downtown on Sunday and it was bloody freezing. There is a distinct difference in weather between our house in the swampy south and the drier climate of the middle of Texas in hill country. We ended up at a Dunkin Donuts but it was fine.

When we finally reached Fredericksburg, we quickly unpacked and left our hotel which was disappointing. Ah well, the weather was beautiful – vividly blue skies with cool, clear weather and sunshine. It seemed that most of Austin and San Antonio was visiting Fredericksburg but there was a fun atmosphere. There seemed to be more wineries since we last visited and now you can drink wine in a disposable cup along the main street, meandering between wineries, on a SUNDAY! I bet some of the original inhabitants were turning in their graves… When we moved to Texas, almost 16 years, I was delighted and fascinated that many counties were still dry (no alcohol). Modern life has reached us but you still can’t buy hard liquor on a Sunday.

If you are wondering about my hypocrisy – ‘unwanted people moving to Texas” – of course I have German ancestors in the Heinz 57 variety of my DNA! My great grandparents were Dellingers who settled in North Texas in the 1880s. The original Dellinger was from Baden in Germany. I think that gives me a legitimate claim to thoroughly enjoy all aspects of German Texas… 😊 Just recently an Irish cousin discovered that our Leonard ancestors in Ireland were originally Leinnarts from Germany – that was a real surprise. It shouldn’t have though been because several people spoke to me in German on both visits to Fredericksburg. I just pretend that I am REALLY German because it makes visitors happy. When I was 7, I went on a trip to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. I was wearing a kilt and Aran sweater with long dark ringlets. A group of American tourists wanted to take photographs of the cute little Irish colleen and my mum whispered, “Don’t tell them you are American.”

By the time Teddy and I reached the end of the Main Street we were desperate for a drink and enjoyed a gorgeous local rose wine from a winery which quenched our thirst. We started talking to another couple, about our age, with that excitement you get when meeting another couple on vacation. They were just visiting for the day but we enjoyed chatting together, losing our inhibitions. On our solo return we realized that our tummies were empty. I could smell an amazing smell right behind this winery – Fischer and Weiser. They were only serving snacks when we went in but told us that the smell emanated from a tiny shack behind the street. I would have missed it, if the staff hadn’t pointed it out.

I haven’t eaten a burger since the ‘80s but this was the best that I have ever had! The delightful owner, Jennie, makes the burgers from smoked brisket and they were soooo good. When she told me she was from Peru then it all made sense – Peru is the gastronomic capital of Latin America. Everything tastes amazing, even the bread. So we go all the way to Fredericksburg and eat a burger made by a lovely Peruvian lady – but I bet it was local beef! It was the Sunday before Christmas but warm enough to eat outside in twilight. Welcome to Texas.

Fredericksburg Fox Squirrel

As we meandered along the beautiful High Street, we noticed that the visitors had changed. At one time it was mostly white local visitors but now the Far East and Latin America were represented. Many of them seemed like family groups – I guess this might be one of the destinations for visitors arriving at Houston. So many hundreds of thousands of snowbirds fly in during the winter holidays. On that note, I read a hilarious piece in my news feed about flocks of Grackles terrifying the North! They are migratory sub tropical birds that settle in vast roosts – so successful in the Houston area that they are spreading North.

Grackle, courtesy of Pixabay

There was too much sunshine to make this a good shot but I just love Teddy surrounded by giant Cacti!

52 thoughts on “Fredericksburg ist Wunderbar!

  1. Thank goodness it appears you didn’t fall for the signs “authentic German food”! Let me, as a German who only moved to the US 12 years ago, tell you: the so called “authentic German food” here in Fredericksburg is anything but. If you want to eat food that is at least somewhat like what the same dis would be in Germany, you really need to know which dish to order in which of the “German” restaurants. About one or two dishes in those restaurants at least resemble their equivalents in Germany to a certain extent.
    As to be allowed to walk along the sidewalks with a cup of wine or beer in your hands: I really resent that, and it doesn’t make any sense to me that you can’t even carry an unopened bottle of wine from the store to your car unless it’s concealed in a bag, but can openly drink beer and/or wine in the streets.
    As to the wineries: they are sprouing like mushrooms after a warm rain. There are way more than 50 by now on the short stretch between Fredericksburg and Johnson City! These wineries and the tourists attracted by them – at least many of them, and present company excluded – are really changing – and spoiling – the city’s character.
    So you have Germans in your ancestry! Then a “ganz herzlich willkommen in Fredericksburg!”

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    • I like to live dangerously and take the bottle out of the paper bag…LOL! Everything is changing, Pit. We used to have endless green fields between our town and Houston but most of it is developed now. I fear I will have to move to Big Bend…🤠


  2. Looks amazing! You both look as if you had a great time. You realise that the only benchmark I have for Texas is Dallas aka 1980😂
    Hope you continue to write your blogs and take everyone on a vicarious holiday with you x love Anne x

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    • Thank you, Anne! Most people in Dallas no longer have big hair although the accent is the same. Folks are complaining about the Californication of North Texas because so many have moved her with their LIBERAL views!


  3. Wow, such beautiful architecture! I bet the food was delicious, too. As far as living in Texas, a friend of mine lives in Austin, but is leaving because of allergies. Apparently, there’s pine pollen? Who knew!

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  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Fredricksburg! And since I’m of German heritage, I can do so with a clear conscience. But I understand what you are saying….once some place becomes too popular, then it begins to lose it’s essence. We love visiting Sanibel Island in Florida, but it has been “discovered” and now is hopelessly crowed during the in season. I hate that!

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  5. Beautiful! Love this squirrel. We don’t have any where I live, probably because the feral cats ate them all up long ago, I think. No mice, nor rats, nothing.

    Winter in Texas are probably dry and just barely cool, but the summers must be so hot and humid. Texas probably has plenty of open space, which I find magical.

    I don’t know much about Latin American food, but I’m crazy about Mexican food, if it’s any indication. Their food is almost addictive. You really seem to be enjoying yourself. Have fun.

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  6. A week before Christmas I am shovelling snow and all bundled up! The burger sounded yummy but the traffic did not. A day drinking wine strolling along outdoors is a lot different than deciding where to go snowshoeing. Enjoyed your share.

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