A Little Levity

It drives me crazy that of all the lovely shots I had taken of me in my wedding dress for our thirtieth wedding anniversary, this is the one blown up on my husband’s office wall.  I guess that is the Kerry that he really loves.  Right now at this crossroad in history we need some lightness.  The last time I felt panicked about going out was in 2003 in Cairo, Egypt.  The Second Gulf war had started and there was a perceived threat of weapons of mass destruction.  We were advised to stay home in case Westerners were a target.

Don’t you love the vista behind our balcony?

Since I looked like I did above, it was obvious that I wasn’t Middle Eastern but I couldn’t stand being in the house.  I strode out silently daring anyone to harass me.  Nobody did…I probably looked like a crazy lady.  Then I felt silly.  Now we have to socially distance.  I went to Trader Joe today (our Marks and Spencer sorta) and there were little yellow lines painted 6 ft. distance.  They were only allowing a limited amount of shoppers and it was the quietest I have ever seen the shop – bliss.  As you approached the shop, the Trader Joe artists (there are always some on staff to paint the signs) had put little encouraging words on the yellow stripes.

“Getting closer…”

“Almost there…”

When I got to the checkout desk, I had a little chat with the lady. “I look ridiculous with these black hair dye gloves,” I said.  “Oh, no, I have seen much worse…” she returned with a chuckle.  Then my imagination went into overdrive with WWII gas masks and Breaking Bad yellow boiler suits.  Then I went home and disinfected my purchases.  Earlier in the day, Teddy was convinced he had appendicitis.  I reassured him that it was probably gas and this wasn’t a good time to go to our doctor’s office.  It is right across the road from a retirement community that has been quarantined because of a significant outbreak of Covid 19.  I checked his temperature and poked the sore bit, made him bend over to check for sciatica.  Then I scolded him for being hypochondriacal at the wrong time in human history.  He seems to be fine now – usually Dr. Kerry can scare most illnesses away.  The gas came out eventually – so much so that I fell about laughing and sprayed air freshener in our house.

It hasn’t been long since I had a major bout of depression and anxiety.  I have good days and bad during this crisis but so does everyone.  For the first time, most of you can empathize with how a chronically mentally ill person feels ALL THE TIME.  It is so exhausting to be terrified and worried about everything.  Now there is a pandemic and I am doing okay.  After I reassured Teddy that he wasn’t dying, I went for a walk around the pond and up to the reservoir.  Many years ago, my friend Anne and I took our bikes many miles to our nearest reservoir in Glasgow at Cathkin Braes.  The sign said, “NO TRESPASSING!” but we were about 13 years old with that ‘who cares’ attitude.  We were having a lovely time when the warden found us.  Oh dear… we got a dreadful row about how dangerous reservoirs were and to go home immediately.

Boris and Natasha, the Muscovy Ducks

I REALLY wanted to ignore the NO TRESPASSING sign, at my reservoir today, but two Sheriffs had already passed me.  I just stood and enjoyed the ozonic breeze wafting down from the water.  A Great Heron was fishing for her lunch at the spillway.  She must have caught a dozen little silvery fish that sparkled before disappearing down her gullet.  She was pretty husky for a heron…  Back at the pond I almost stood on the fattest Muscovy duck – I think the neighbors feed her because she isn’t afraid of me.  Teddy usually lumbers after me on walks round the pond – he has a big actual footprint and frightens all the critters away.  This time I was able to see around 20 little turtles sitting on a mud bank with a single White Egret.

I saw a variety of neighbors and we all kept our 6ft distance, shouting the news at one another.  The great leveler is how awful we all look.  Grey roots, no makeup, stubbly beards, Walmart clothes and no one cares.  My Walmart tops are all from the thrift store so I have Eco Brownie points.  Our cul de sac is in a state of excitement right now because we have a new nest with a Black Crowned Night Heron.  They aren’t particularly common round here.  Teddy and I sat out on our deck on Sunday and a perfect little Downy Woodpecker came really close in the tree right above our head.  She had no red markings yet and seemed to be fascinated by the humans.  She tapped and tapped, entertaining us for a full hour.  Take comfort in small moments of joy and be as safe as you can be.


As I was writing this post, I heard an inordinate amount of sirens – police, fire engines and ambulance.  We live close to one of our major routes within the forest but we haven’t heard them for weeks since everything went pandemic crazy.  I was so bored that I considered going out to see what idiot had sped through our cross stop or ran over a pedestrian but decided to keep watching Animal Planet.  Then our neighbors sent a round robin to say that some desperate guy had robbed people at gunpoint in one of our furthest subdivisions and sped away.  He had gone into our sleepy little street to escape the police and then exited only to wreck his scooter in front of the pediatric hospital across the road.  He is now in critical condition – I guess God decided he deserved a Darwin award.  To give some perspective, this is a sleepy backwater with very little crime so this is unprecedented.  Today was a strange day for me, not just because of the weird robber, and I had already been considering opening a bottle of wine.  The wine is finished…  On a really sad note, two of the elderly residents of the retirement community have died – may they rest in peace.



49 thoughts on “A Little Levity

  1. What kind of duck is that? We have one in our park now and I’ve been wondering since we’ve never had such a duck before. I was actually wondering if it was a lost sorta hen before seeing this post…
    I’m glad you’re doing okay! 💕💕💕
    Love, light, and glitter

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    • It is a Muscovy Duck and until this morning I thought they came from Russia. I Googled them and they are tropical birds from Latin America. In Mexico they call them backyard ducks. I will now have to rename them Carlos and Maria. 😁 Glittery hugs to you. K x

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  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog Kerry
    Made me imagine your walk round the pond and the wee turtles . I have heard quite a few sirens / ambulances down my end possibly enroute to the hospitals .

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  3. The joys of Trader Joe – how I LOVE that place. I sent Two Brains yesterday because he could do the seniors only hour and I have another not quite six months to wait before I can join the blue rinses. He got everything on the list and mystifyingly two bags of frozen Brussels Sprouts. I do hope he doesn’t think we are still going to be doing this at Christmas! I also LOVE tat shot of you in your wedding dress. It’s stunning. An air of Marilyn about you. I loved this sojourn although maybe not the robber quite so much. Stay the star you are 💫

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    • I only have 4 months before I can go to seniors’ hour… 👵 Maybe 2Brains just likes Brussels Sprouts…?? Thank you for the nice compliment but I feel I look so old right now. We all look a bit wan and miserable, I guess. This waiting seems interminable but we are all stronger than we think we are. Much love to you up in the North – I know it is hard there. We are in a mini hotspot for Covid 19 so have to be extra careful. Much love to you. K x

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      • Well let’s hope we don’t have to exercise our right to Seniors hour because by the time our birthdays come round, this is all a memory. He does love Brussels and so do I to be fair. It is hard up here. But we are not the hardest hit though unstable and rising would seem to be the fitting description. All we can do is be sensible and careful. I send you so much love back. xx. PS: You DO look lovely but I also know exactly what you mean …. I think we all feel very flat and very uncertain and its very hard to see past that and be kind to self about the way we look.

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      • Yes, I hope that we don’t need to exercise our rights but I have been claiming my over 55 discount on Tuesdays at the outlet mall for years! I showered, washed my hair and sprayed some scent today – that feels like a triumph!

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      • Must check and see if I’m entitled to anything up here …. one day it will be relevant again. I’m very happy to hear you have focussed on a little renewing of you. We have taken to ‘dressing for dinner’ – not quite Downton Abbey but a frock or a nice top and better jeans – it makes a huge difference to the way I feel

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  4. I think you look a little like Marilyn Monroe in that picture! 🙂 It’s very cute! And these are quite strange times we live in, aren’t they? They have the six foot markers at our local markets too, and now we have to cover our faces when we go out as well, so I have a nice red bandanna that I use and it makes me feel like a cowboy outlaw. I hope you are able to stay safe and sane. On another note, I had horrible stomach cramps the other night and also thought I had appendicitis. I think it was just stress 🙂 It must be an anxiety that is going around! Thank goodness for the voices of calm, like you and my husband 🙂

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    • That is so sweet, MB. My mum met Marilyn Monroe in an elevator in LA. She said she had not a scrap of makeup on and was beautiful. So glad it was just stress but that makes us feel awful too. Try to focus on the future when we will move on just like our ancestors did. BTW, I think my great-grandparents died of Spanish Flu in 1918 but all their children survived. As the oldest, my Nana looked after the family.

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  5. Your wedding dress is absolutely beautiful and so are you in that photo; just bursting with energy! No wonder that photo is up on a wall. I hope you guys are doing well, all things considered. We are happily cocooning at home and just waiting for the pandemic to come to an end. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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    • Thank you so much, Aiva. So glad you are cocooning – I feel a bit more trapped now. Our numbers do not seem to be increasing dramatically in Texas and I don’t know if it is the calm before the storm or that we followed the rules. Keep safe. K x

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