Mask Couture

Finally, our masks arrived from China!  I made Teddy dress up for the photograph – you may as well rock social distancing!  I put on eye makeup for the first time in months and had to take it off as soon as the photo was taken…  As I look at celebrity and other videos, I wonder if we will be less vain when the Pandemic is over?

I noticed a change at the store today – there was hand sanitizer and toilet tissue and paper towels!!  My gluten free shelf was all stocked up and I breathed a sigh of relief.  As soon as I did, waves of guilt washed over me for all the people who have no food.  I read Reuters World news to keep a real perspective of Covid-19’s effect on the world.

On a happier note, I saw Mama and Papa Bluebird on their nesting box today, along with a large but young Great Heron and a family who had adopted a rescue dog during the lock-down.  Bravo to them!

Keep safe, keep well and thank you to all our essential workers.

33 thoughts on “Mask Couture

  1. What can I say you both rock Covid 19 I’m surprised the papparazzi are not there or maybe they are. Your pics will appear in a different media. Stay safe. I’m pleased you are able to find your gluten free food and toilet paper, paper towels and whatever this crazy world was hoarding. Be well my friend.

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  2. I can’t compete: I have plain and simple paper masks only, even if they’re not the best protection. But they do offer some – at least they help other people not to get infected by me, should I have the virus.

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    • Thank you, Lisa. I read that soap and water were more effective on this virus because it is covered in fatty material but hand sanitizer is great when you have no alternatives. Hope you are well. K x


  3. These look like fantastic masks! Yes, just because we are at home in isolation doesn’t mean we have to wear pajamas all day. We usually get up, dress up and try to capture on camera most of the moments throughout the day. Have a good day 😀 Aiva


  4. I prefer the black masks, very striking. And in cotton too. When i shop, its a breathing battle between not touching my face, fogging up my spectacles and wondering if i smeared my lipstick.
    Yes i wear it still…


  5. Yay your masks finally arrived! Hope they are a comfortable fit. They do look like the right size. Also good to hear the supermarket stocks are getting back to normal and no one is grabbing away your gluten-free foods. Here in Australia the supermarkets are getting back to normal with normal-looking stocked shelves. Woo hoo 😀

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