Pest Control moved in…

This tiny little bug is commonly known as a junk bug or aphid lion – ain’t she cute? Teddy was admiring our fire bush when he saw this wee pile of debris moving.  If you click on the red link to junk bug you can read a hilarious article about this ‘voracious predator’ – it is about the size of the half-moon on your pinkie.  She is a gardener’s friend; the debris on her back is the remains of aphids and other plant eaters (her victims…).  This little dusty bundle is her larval stage and she blossoms into one of my favorite insects, the delicate green lacewing.

Henrik Mackevicius, Pixabay

Teddy and I get so excited when we discover a new animal in the garden no matter how small.  Below is Leo (DiCaprio), one of our many spotted Anoles.  He loves to sit at the prow of the deck and display his bright red throat flap to attract a mate.  There is so much lizard sex going on in our back yard that we should rename it Studio 54.  There are tiny babies, pregnant moms and horny teenagers (none of them are social distancing).

A few weeks ago I found what looked like bird poop in the garage and I was curious.  It was unlikely that a bird had gotten into the garage which is usually closed and then I saw another poop on the front porch.

The black section is full insect bits and the white part is uric acid (pee)

As I was taking in the groceries, through the garage, this week I spotted a small cockroach struggling in a spider web.  Briefly, I wondered whether I should put it out of its misery but when I went back for the rest of the groceries the roach had gone.  Then I spotted her – we have a five striped Skink living in the wall of the garage.  Woo hoo!  She is now called Skinky because I have no imagination.  They eat cockroaches – what more do you need?  My neighbor has one on her front porch and after I told her how useful they are in our bug ridden swamp, she named her Skink, Tiger.

Jan Haerer, Pixabay

Can you tell that the pandemic quarantine is beginning to wear on us?  My psychiatrist forgot to put in my regular refill for Xanax, WTF!  I panicked briefly then I put my big girl pants on and am back in a Breaking Bad situation with a drawer full of meds.  My friend was laughing at Teddy and me when I shared with her that I refused to share my prescription-only painkillers with him.  She felt that it was a perfect senior couple moment – she’s right!


34 thoughts on “Pest Control moved in…

  1. Good to hear the lizard population is well and thriving in your neck of the woods, Kerry. 😉 The skinks are beautiful- and useful on top!! Glad you put your big girl pants on and got your new prescription. 😉

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  2. It sounds like quite a party in your backyard and garage, Kerry. That aphid lion is really tiny but also oh so cute…cute and carrying its victims on its back lol. I am actually not a fan of lizards. I don’t mind if they pop up and then disappear, but I don’t want a whole party of them in my house – I’m a neat freak that way.

    When I lived in Singapore and Malaysia, I always had a cockroach problem no matter how clean I kept my house. It was humid there, and cockroaches like the warmth and damp. They were notoriously hard to get rid of but good you have your friend Skinky to take care of them.

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    • Thank you, Mabel. Skinky has been busy but missed a couple of cockroaches this week… We are having a short drought and the insects come in looking for water. All our lizards live outside the house or in the garage. There are hundreds in the yard…🦎


      • Maybe Skinky wasn’t too hungry this week 😀 Hopefully not too many insects come in and be a disturbance. Sounds like your lizards know where to sit in your yard 🦎😀🦎


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