Yee Haw!

There was a tangible sense of excitement as the lead horse approached, dancing his way across the main street in Tomball that was closed for this yearly pilgrimage of trail riders to the Houston Rodeo, the biggest in the USA.  Then the crowd started cheering as they welcomed the wagons with mules and horse riders.

Sam Houston Trail Ride

There are 12 trail rides that come from all over the south Texas area to converge in Memorial Park in central Houston.  The Sam Houston Trail arrives in Tomball on their third day.  They are on route to Houston and the trail originates from Pinehurst, Montgomery County.  All the trails are astonishing when you think that they have to traverse a vast city full of interstates but it reflects the original settler’s routes which eventually turned into proper roads.

It tugs on my heart strings because I can envision how life was like for my early pioneer ancestors, especially my great grandparents, Sam Houston and Lillie Dellinger who settled in Oklahoma and north Texas.  He was named after the original Sam Houston, one of the original leaders of the Texas Revolution.  My great grandfather was an intriguing man, well named, some might say.  Even my father’s middle name was Houston.  All the signs were pointing to us ending up as Texan folks even though I was born in California.

I love all animals but I am particularly fond of donkeys and mules – an elderly donkey was one of my first sponsored animals as a child.  The wagons were just amazingly well restored.

One of the groups comprised of two charming brothers from Cajun Country in Louisiana.  They had taken the animals on trucks over to Pinehurst to join the trail.  One of them asked me if I would like to get on his horse!  He was so handsome that I would have been delighted if it was a euphemism… 😉 Teddy was there, however, and I stupidly wore a short skirt so couldn’t attempt getting on his horse without taking my skirt off first.  Maybe in 2022 we will have conquered Covid-19, the trail riders will visit again and I could try to get on my first horse!

This softly spoken cowboy was whispering sweet nothings to his adorable mare in case she was frightened by the crowd.  Everyone was so well behaved especially the little children.


43 thoughts on “Yee Haw!

  1. How wonderful and your photos really caught the atmosphere. I think I might have whipped the skirt off for a few moments 😂
    A great shame so many things are cancelled, hopefully next year👏👏 The American way of riding is so much more comfortable than the British way. I bet the trail rides are fabulous 😀😀

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  2. What great pictures. I grew up riding horses from a very young age. I still love them. I couldn’t believe the similarities of us in your wonderful post. I too grew up in California, I live in Vermont now. My son and his family now live in Katey, Texas. Take care x

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  3. I like the little county rodeos probably for the same reason that I like minor league baseball.

    My great aunt came over during the land rush. That’s how one side of my family got to Oklahoma….

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  4. This is quite a sight and procession. Everyone seems to be so proud to be from Texas. Have to agree the wagons look well-maintained. Ah, if the nice guy had a asked nicely one more time, I am sure somehow you will got in for a ride 😀 But yeah, with COVID and all, these days you can never be too careful. Like you, I have never gotten on a horse. I am afraid I won’t stay on lol 😂

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