Red, White and Southern

This is what Christmas decorations look like in our township – fresh flowers and a huge tree! We live on the cusp of the subtropics and the piney woods area of Texas. On the day that I took these photographs it was glorious. Cool, for us, and bright sunshine.

Isn’t that Veranda just perfect for sippin’ something southern? It is really the Tommy Bahamas’ store and restaurant and you can sip whatever you want on the back patio looking at the Christmas tree.

I liked this modern installation of birch trees and Cardinals. We don’t really have birch trees like that but we do have plenty of little Cardinals.

Flowers and greenery everywhere!

Just one more shot of the Christmas tree that shows how very high it is. Finally we got lovely new Fake Grass! It is impossible to keep our Augustine grass alive in winter – it naturally dies back and goes green in Spring.

27 thoughts on “Red, White and Southern

    • We do occasionally get snow and everyone goes crazy. No one can drive on the roads and we little road grit. This morning it was below freezing and I blame the Canadians with their bloody cold fronts! ❄️❄️

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      • Yeah it’s the Canadians faults haha I was remembering when I read your post being in Florida last year. Being used to cold weather and snow it felt and looked so odd even though I grew up in the desert living there for 21 years.

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  1. Oh what a lovely photo essay. Your town was simply made for Christmas Decorations! The Veranda is my favorite and the beautiful big tree. Actually all are beautiful. Thank you. All my best to you.

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    • Thank you so much! It seems magical to me that you can have fresh flowers at this time of year having spent so long in Scotland. I think the tree comes part assembled in sections with baubles attached but as yet I haven’t seen the elves put it up.

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