Pretending to be Lori Loughlin

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We Americans assume that the rest of the world knows our current social gossip and every other stupid thing that we do. As an aside, did you know that a thing is an old English/Frisian word which means a gathering?  The title of this post refers to an actress with less dramatic skills than me who has made a fortune making Hallmark movies.  How to explain Hallmark movies? Shmaltzy movies where there is always a happy ending and they use the same actors again and again.  It so confusing when you think, “wasn’t she in Alaska last week with creepily handsome veterinarian?”  Now she is in a Cajun Christmas where they all eat turducken. It’s not just Icelanders who eat gross food…

Lori Loughlin was recently jailed for a ludicrously short period of time for committing fraud to get her underachieving kids into a good college.  LOTS of money was involved and there were other famous perps such as Felicity Huffman who shamefully decided to admit her guilt and take the punishment.  Is it just me or did anyone else admire Martha Stewart’s chutzpah when she just admitted her guilt to insider trading and went straight to prison?  When released, she walked out, head held high, with a handknitted poncho.  Who knew she would be Snoop Dogg’s Bubala? If you are wondering about the Yiddish words, one of my DNA sites revealed, at Christmas, that I am now 1% Ashkenazi Jew.  I am embracing all parts of my heritage and I really love Yiddish words – they have that onomatopoeic quality to them.

Why am I pretending to be Lori Loughlin?  Having looked through the provisional list of who gets vaccinated in Texas: I am right at the bottom in Group D.  That means I will probably have to stay in personal lockdown until April or May.  Batshit crazy does not count for anything nor do dodgy cysts in lungs.  Teddy might be included in one group of essential workers because he works in Energy. 

Just like Lori Loughlin I am also going to prison, figuratively, for the next four months or so, and will I do any of the life affirming challenges I set myself? No and **** No.  I really tried in 2020.  I wrote funny blogs, I was positive, friendly, checked on elderly family and friends.  At first, I lost weight and exercised.  One of my neighbors said, ‘there was not a pick on me’ – a chicken reference.  I could not bring myself to mix socially so gave ALL of my attention to Teddy.  Sometimes I played BOO, other times I walked towards him like a penguin and tried every conceivable way to make him laugh in a difficult time.

Meanwhile I was not processing that I had lost all my contract work with no hope of any more for some years (and how that would affect my self-esteem).  I had no inclination to work with the public although I bow down to those that did.  My OCD made it impossible for me to be rational about the pandemic.  Still wiping down all the packages with disinfectant wipes, even the squirrels’ food.  After the summer my mental health faltered in increments, not helped by forgetting to eat but not forgetting to drink…

What I really want to know is, will you still write to me?  Physical visits are out but I need some contact with the world.  I might create some more Vlogs since Sit Down Comedy was well received.  It was exhilarating putting on some makeup and washing my hair – Woo Hoo!  I met one of my neighbors in the street and she seemed concerned that I would continue (post vaccination) to be social or even host parties.  I said yes but I don’t think it was the truth.  Just like everyone else, I have changed profoundly during 2020.  I hope I am not less kind but perhaps a little less compliant.  Do I really need more societal contact or do I need to live a solitary life better? 

I hate to be the one that says it but I really think life will get worse before it gets better and we will be wearing masks for much longer than we think (if we care about other’s safety).  Those vaccinated soon will not be fully immune until the second injection and if you don’t get it, will that invite Corona virus mutations?   If you are able to, just go to prison with me, and maybe next Christmas will be worth celebrating.  If not wear a mask, long after vaccination.

Sending off to Amazon for an orange jumpsuit – only method acting for me, darlings! 

Wish for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2021 and keep your expectations low without giving up hope.


35 thoughts on “Pretending to be Lori Loughlin

  1. YEs, make a video of you walking like a penguin. I have to see that. lol You shined in you video and if it gives you the umph! then do so more. I do understand your frusttration about Covid. It has been tiring for most people. With covid they are flying by the seat of their pants. Canada is so far behind in vaccinations that I don’t know when they will be availabe to me. We are social creature, huggers etc. that the isolation has taken its toll. Hopefully we can look back in a year and see that this is all behind us hopefully. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Things are quite a mess in Ireland too, and we are living in prison as well and preparing for the worst case of scenario. Yet another lockdown was announced just today and the Cabinet has signed off on new restriction measures which will see schools closed and construction halted until at least the end of the month.

    Ever since the pandemic started people were told that we ought to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. And while there is certainly much to be said for positivity, sometimes it can be awfully exhausting to keep it up, especially all while dealing with disappointment, discouragement or frustration that comes with the pandemic crisis. I think instead of being positive it’s time to face our true feelings and find someone to talk about them. Hand in there, Kerry. Sending you lots of love across the ocean. Aiva 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Aiva. We don’t have to be upbeat all the time – life is kind of crazy right now. The rioters at the Capitol have made me anxious but I made Teddy go out for a bottle of wine. Thank goodness supermarkets sell wine! I am always thinking of you in Sligo and right now I am considering Irish nationality…my mum was born in Sligo. 🍀🥂

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  3. I know it’s hard to be creative when you feel like life as you know it is falling apart, but your fairy stories are so beautiful, why don’t you try to think of yourself as an author and you are writing a book. Your isolation is then a choice, not a necessity. While in Australia, we are much luckier with the control of Covid, I’ve still made a choice not to go out unless absolutely necessary. So this year, I’ve already told myself it’s a year of staying home and being creative. The only C word I want to focus on is creativity. With all the other news my mental health was really taking a beating too. But the power of words is so impactful on the world and your posts are always a pleasure to read. All of your posts but I think the world could use your beautiful fairy stories. I’ll even illustrate them if you want. We need more beauty, especially right now.. Let’s hope the chaos in Washington ends quickly and with little injury. Sending you huge hugs xx

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    • Thank you so much, Yvonne, what a beautiful and kind comment. Creativity is a wonderful theme to focus on. I have to be in a certain frame of mind to write fairy stories but I so appreciate your offer of illustration. So glad that Australia has managed this pandemic better than we have. Keep safe and hugs right back. K x

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  4. It’s been tough to stay positive for sure. Here in SoCal the Corona is pretty out of control, as I’m sure you’ve read. My husband and I are staying in our apartment isolation until it is safer – sometimes happily, sometimes not so much haha. 🙂 We at least try to go out for walks (with masks) because I would go crazy if I didn’t get a little outside time.

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  5. Love this! Lori starred in the When Calls the Heart series on a coal mining town in BC at the turn of the last century. It spoke to my heritage in a beautiful way, at a time my Grandgirls were mesmerized to share with me. Her corruption was quite the jolt, for her character was of pure heart. I was sickened that she could not see herself, and relieved she got some jail time. They are now teenagers and this has provided an important lesson about admiring celebrity – and on understanding how many “successful” people ascend by cheating.

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    • That’s a fair point, Helene and thank you. I think perhaps I was addressing America’s tendency to be overly optimistic about timelines. That optimism helps us move forward after life changing weather events so it can be helpful.

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  6. I hear you, Kerry. The vaccination process is taking much longer here than anticipated. Should they not improve it will take years (!) until everyone got the shot. It’s downright depressing but I refuse to think too much about it. Gonna be lucky if I get mine in autumn.
    Hang in there, dear, and if it helps you can do all the penguin walks in the world. Make a video next time though, ok? 😉

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    • Ha, ha – we are still doing penguin walks! I guess we are really lucky that technology has allowed them to create vaccines much more quickly than in the past. The Johnston and Johnston one will be a ground breaker as it doesn’t have to be stored in a freezer and you only need one shot. I will take anyone that they offer…and boosters if necessary. Christmas 2021 will be something to look forward to. 💕

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      • I agree! Shows what humans are being able to do when they really put their mind to it. That sounds very promising about the J&J one, I haven’t heard of it before! As it is our health minister is even considering to buy Sputnik now(- she says with a shudder). Not so sure about that one!😂

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