Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Do you remember when Dorothy pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, only to reveal someone pretending to be GREAT AND POWERFUL?  Later she said to him, “Oh, you are a very bad man!”  The Emerald City has revealed to be an illusion and there are many scary screaming monkeys flying around us with Camp Auschwitz t-shirts, zip ties and pipe bombs.  On a very darkly funny note, the t-shirts were sold on ETSY and are no longer available.  ETSY, really?

We have to be strong, like Dorothy and her companions.  Brave, Smart, Determined and full of Heart.  Europe and the rest of the world have been dealing with domestic terrorism for eons, so there is nothing unique about our situation.  Remember the tragic bombing at the mosque in New Zealand; the most unexpected of places?  We take stock, grieve the dead and learn a lesson.  The saddest memorial I have ever encountered is for the Oklahoma City Bombing.  I couldn’t get the image of the little chairs for the innocent children in the creche who died.

In all society there are extremists of every type – anarchists, religious zealots and Neo Nazis to name a few.  My late father-in-law will be turning in his grave after his efforts in WWII may have been in vain.  Despite spending 5 years in a POW camp in eastern Germany, he lived a long full life before dying at 93.  His heart was full of forgiveness for the people of Germany and he visited many times after the war.

My neighbors in Egypt went out of their way to protect me when the war broke out.  They wouldn’t tolerate anyone treating me with disrespect even though I drove them crazy rescuing wild animals. 

Most people are good.  Most people are good.  Most people are good.

Keep repeating that as a mantra.  The criminals will be punished and we, as a nation, are shamed.  Humility is a positive quality.  We have looked in the mirror and recoiled.

Let’s stop telling the rest of the world how to run their democracies and countries.  We can work with the UN to help stop the worst of global crimes such as ethnic cleansing.  No one political party or philosophy is entirely guilty or innocent.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road to find our decent core; we can be good but we don’t need to be great.  Now is the time to be strong and kind.  Remember that we all live in glass houses before we cast figurative stones.

40 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Powerful statement, Kerry! I hear you about how our elders who were in the WW2 efforts would think of what’s happening today. All mine were in either the military, civilian work towards the war effort, or civil defense.

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  2. Great 😊 post. We live in divided times with unique perspectives based upon our experiences and understanding of the history of America and the world. American exceptionalism, Is a unique experiment to have “we the people “ work together to provide God given rights to citizens of our country. We were told we could keep it only if our nation had moral nature. America is far from perfect, but has tried through history to right wrongs. We struggle to see past the platforms of differing groups to discern the best direction for America. We trust in all mighty God to guide each of our foot steps on the “yellow brick road”.

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    • Thank you for your comment. Every country/society has the capacity to be exceptional and then fail. Romans and Maya, for example. We don’t all have a specific faith but most of us have a moral code that guide our footsteps.

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  3. The younger generation I wonder if they have heard of a fascist regime under Hitler. I told my great niece to go look at Hitler on the internet. She said who is hitler. I wonder if there is more that do not know about this. It is a shame what we are seeing in your country.

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    • Surely history teachers include WWII in their curriculums? There are still people alive who fought in it. One of our (stupid) senators did not know the difference between socialism and fascism. In particular, he didn’t realize the the Russian communists were our ALLIES during WWII!!!! BTW, my father in law was very grateful to the Canadian POWs in his camp. Their Red Cross parcels were full of wonderful items such as apples and tins of salmon. 🇨🇦


  4. Great post Kerry aka Dorothy. The world looks on at the surreal events both in America and at home in the Uk. Kindness is highly underrated the silent majority are lovely 😘❤️

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  5. Well said Kerry, some good perspective. I’ve just read a piece by a respected Irish economist pointing out that the ‘protesters’ are – in the main – white, privileged and poorly educated. When first the poor Irish, then many other immigrants arrived in the USA, they were looked down upon and generally treated badly. In time, many immigrants, perhaps generations later, have proved their worth many times over. The old world of white supremacy is diminished in favour of a better one. We should all have great optimism for the future, never mind our accidental place of birth.

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  6. Inspiring & positively motivating. Thank you. Yes, there are really good people out there , it’s just sad that it’s being over powered , overshadowed of the bad things happening currently. Praying for peace, unity, healing. Take care and stay safe.

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