57 thoughts on “Naughty Kerry with Clippers

  1. If its any consolation Kerry: it will grow back, the hairdressers will open again, your house is amazingly clean and tidy (you should see ours! The four of us are hoarders and there are cats everywhere.) I used to improve some of my dolls in a bad way as well by drawing pen like eyeliner round their eyes. This is practice for being a teenager or a punk rocker or something… bad clothes, bad hair and bad make up.

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  2. Loved the video. I can relate. All kids love to cut hair but many grow out of thisπŸ€”
    You are so like your mum it’s unbelievable.
    Had a chuckle thinking about your nana in the back garden with dolls hair flying over the clean washing.

    Your hair cut is the pixie look you like. I need to go to a hairdressers because my efforts turn ginger!
    I have a bottle of colour for my roots so God knows how it’ll turn out. Might need some of that Holy water!

    Stay well stay safe
    Lots of love
    Anne x

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    • The trick with us Irish folks with ginger genetics is always to use an ash/cool tone not neutral. I am not just like my mum in appearance – bat shit crazy comes to mind…πŸ€ͺ I feel very nostalgic about washing on the line – it’s not allowed in our bubble. Wine is just as good a substitute for holy water – can you hear Nana turning in her grave. LOL!


  3. This is the first time I’ve seen a video post in your blog from you. Really enjoyed it! I think you did a good job with the scissors and I didn’t notice anything wrong with your hair at all. As Dolly said, this cut makes you look funky. Gives you a very youthful vibe. I also really enjoyed hearing you talk about Barbie dolls at the end and you got one with copper hair. Growing up my mum gave me Barbies to play (the long blonde haired ones) and for some reason the dolls always made me creeped out and dizzy 😊

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    • So glad you enjoyed it, Mabel. I had just cut my hair so I thought I would share my funny stories. If you look back a couple of posts there is another vlog about the 70s that you might like. For some reason really short hair makes me look younger? I’ll take it… Hope is all well with you Mabel. Keep safe. K x


      • Your humorous personality did shine through the video, Kerry πŸ˜€ I have to agree that short hair makes you look younger. It brings out the features of your face. For some people, long hair ‘drags’ your face down with it if you know what I mean – or is like a curtain hiding your face away form the world. All is well here. Enjoying the last of summer here before it heads over your way πŸ™‚

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      • Sorry for the late response, Mabel. You may have seen that we have had extreme sub zero weather in Texas – no power for a while. 3 million people have had no power since Sunday (and some with no water).
        Thank you very much for the compliment about my hair – it looks a complete mess now because I have been wearing a hat in the house (also thermals and endless layers). Next week it will reach 70 F – back to normal. Brrr!


      • Yes, I have seen the news about Texas being freezing cold and the state is finding it hard to cope. Hope you are okay and aren’t too badly affected.

        Good that next week it will be back to normal. Take care and I am sure your hairstyle will be even better next week.

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      • One last freeze tonight and then the temps return to normal – even up to 70 midweek. Then we deal with the devastation, so many burst pipes and damaged infrastructure. Thank you, Mabel. Our house is a lot warmer. K x

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  4. Oh, this was a fun one! I’ve been getting behind on my blog-reading. My niece once shaved her head (goth), and when I saw it growing in it was about the same length as yours. It looks pretty even, and should grow back fine.

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  5. One of my favorite memories is the day I went searching for my girls at home, (things were far too quiet), and I round the corner only to see them standing on the bed giving each other a haircut!? The results were a cross between Rutger Howard, Mad Max, and Die Aantword!

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